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This computer programmer is transported to one of the game worlds, he works on.  Unlike other anime with a similar premise, he is not transported as himself or the high level character he has created in games, he is transported as a 15 year old boy, starting out at level one.  As soon as he gets there, he is attacked by a hoard of lizard men racing through a trench towards him. He freaks out and he uses that game ability that attacks all the enemies on the screen and kills them all (one that he wrote into the game to help new players survive early on).  In doing so, he accidentally kills a god, which boosts him up to a really high level and gets quite the loot drop. In this world, he has a game HUD, complete with health and mana bars, identification bubbles, world map, and a menu that he controls and accesses in his vision using his mind. 

This isekai has a really interesting take. One of the cool things is that this is a guy who makes video games for a living, and the series brings out his perspective and insight of the things that are happening in this world.  His view and inner monologue bring out the subtleties that one wouldn’t normally think about, probably because he is a guy who creates worlds and quests and characters, and, that kind of understanding shapes how he interacts with characters and environments, situations, and how he fights in the world.  He pretty much treats every one as if he were interacting with an NPC, and I like that sentiment.

This one isn’t very action-packed, and unless you’re one to appreciate the subtleties, you may find this series hard to get through. But, I do like this show.  However, I feel the overall concepts were wasted with weak story arcs, poor pacing, and no real main plot to speak of; it seems the main character is only mildly interested in going home or figuring out how or why he’s there in the first place. 

In hindsight, I actually understand why he may have a lack of interest to return to the real world. His actual life seems pretty miserable to me.  He spends months at a time at his cubicle, sleeping and eating at his work station, brushing his teeth and showering in the work bathrooms, and waking up to go right back to work.  I wish I could say the opening scenes are hyperbole to what it’s like to work in the Japanese video game industry, but it’s not.  If I were in his shoes, being in this world would be the ultimate way to experience the fruits of my labor. 

Another thing, I kept forgetting that the main character is a grown man trapped in a 15 year old avatar body.  When I did remember, though, I really appreciated the subtleties of the show, like how he handles his interactions with his ever-growing stable of female fan-… slaves?  Which makes this an anti-harem, of sorts, and I like that.  He maintains a relationship with a battle mage who is of an acceptable age, in spite of this show constantly throwing under aged loli fodder at him.  –And, one of the greatest notions this series did to go against the grain of the expectation of shows like this, is when he goes out and parties on his own, after putting the kiddos to bed, and takes a bar maiden, who is undoubtedly of age, home for the night.  It definitively states that this character is actually an adult and he’s not just some creep a show like this would make him out to be. I also like that his perspective remains true to who and what he is.  He creates worlds, and characters, and stories like this for a living, and he sees this as a world that was also created, and he is fascinated about finding out what he is and isn’t allowed to do in it.  His extremely high level and loot that he gained from killing a god and a hoard of lizard men, at the outset of the show, gives him the resources to do just that, at his own pace.  After getting his bearings in this new world, the main character is essentially just wandering around, looking for a cause, while exploring the mechanics of the game system in his head, which is fine, maybe that was the intent – being a somewhat immersive “Let’s play,” loli-harem. – Wait, wha…?

5/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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