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Come on guys, hear me out! I was thinking about this last night... So, if you were to eat human flesh, would it taste good or bad? Just hear me out! Taking time to really think about what you’re eating is connected to whether or not you’re living a happy life. That’s why I think it’s really important. So, there are animals that are carnivores, right? You know, like cats, lions and vultures. You won’t find meat from carnivores like that at a restaurant. Why is that? Because it’s too smelly to eat! It’s disgusting! Listen up guys! Cats are too disgusting to eat. Are we on the same page so far? On the other hand, have you ever heard of a fish called “sweetfish”? Sweetfish don’t eat bugs. They only eat algae. They’re vegetarian. Usually, fish guts are too bitter to eat, but sweetfish guts are delicious. It’s because they’re not carnivores. So with that logic in mind, all the meat we consider delicious is from herbivorous animals! Cows, pigs and chickens! The better their feed, the better they taste! Which leads us to this conclusion... Humans would taste gross because they eat meat! Well? How do you like the opinion I came up with? That whole thing that comes up in novels about human flesh tasting good is a flat-out lie!

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