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This series starts off exceptionally slow, and in turn, comes off as a bland isekai that has no merit besides the mystery of the game master and the virtual world. As such, it comes off as your regular power-fantasy isekai with a bland main character that magically has a harem of girls around them. Luckily, none of the girls in the party are romantically interested in him. However, only side characters he meets along the way seem to be romantically interested in him and play no large role in the story. The story has a relatively cliche start - the main character Yotsuya is dragged into a game-like world after cleaning the classroom after school. There, he meets Shindou and Kusue, and the mysterious Game Master greets them - giving Yotsuya the class of a farmer. They are given quests and are required to clear them in a set amount of time or die. Nothing new in the genre at all, so it doesn't give any shock factor whatsoever. What's especially offputting is Yotsuya's personality - he's a middle schooler who feels real life is too boring and wishes life was like a game. In the game world, however, he is thrilled but also equally sadistic, often throwing lives aside in guard of logical rationale. This is definitely one of the positives, as it presents a realistic approach of saving yourself before you save others. This is one of his key redeeming factors since it differs from most stereotypical isekai protagonists. As the series continues, the other characters influence Yotsuya into saving random characters so that part only lasts the first few episodes. However, with a shocking season finale, I can say that the show took 11 episodes to actually pique my interest. I still personally feel that at times, Yotsuya is an interesting main character, especially in his mindset. However, his sadistic mindset is offputting, and considering the fact that he's 14, it comes off as a little "edgy." I just hope that his character develops more in the second season. Furthermore, in between some tense moments, the characters all get a breather for a while, and Yotsuya fumbles interacting with the girls from the party as the comedy relief. The animation isn't spectacular either, and a good portion of it depends on still frames to act as filler. The stakes for the quests are high, and further so because if all of the party members die at once, they'll die in real life as well. After finishing the season, I can say that I'm interested to see what the second brings, but the build-up was absolutely excruciating. The first 11 episodes were there to world build, and in turn came off as bland and generic. If anyone followed the three episode rule, I definitely could see this being a strikeout simply due to the long build-up. This definitely could've been executed better, but I still personally feel that this is, to an extent, a generic isekai. The second season will have to speak for itself, and I hope that it does better than the first. I'll be looking forward to see if it can bring a new "twist" into the oversaturated genre. 

5/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
4.5/10 overall

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Anubhav1210 Dec 26, 2020

I think you should change your review a little, it's first season is finished. 

Anime similar to this is something which I like cause it involve change of charcter in mc.

DylanLW221 Dec 23, 2020

Whilst i can understand your opinion if it were to be just after having started watching the anime i can definitely say now that ive watched it all that this isn't your generic isekai trash and is actually very different from almost every other isekai iv'e seen and read in the way that it develops the plot and the characters. Especially Yotsuya. The fact that yotsuya is portrayed more on the psychotic spectrum makes you think of Arifueta and Shiled hero but the way he goes about it is very wrong. He believes every person has their own worth and should die initially however after he kills someone he hesitates with his thoughts for a while. Once he clears up his thoughts though he keeps a very similar outlook on things but at the same time he wants to help some poeple and this leads him to fighting for his own justice regardless of what that may be and if he has to kill others in the way then so be it but he also wont allow the taking of a life by a mistake or one that's not worth taking according to his judgement. Adittionally, unlike most Protaganists, he acknowledges his defects and problems but accepts them and doesn't try to change them. He is his own person and it stays that way throughtout the Story.

balasek9 Dec 19, 2020

When you repeat over and over that something is bland and like everyrhing else it would be nice to give at least one example. For me it's very unique especially the way mc looks at the world since its very realistic, for many life just sucks and so does for him and it's not "edgy" or "masochistic" etc. also why would he care about some random characters in a "virutal world" he got forced into. I would actually say he's the only logicaly thinking character.