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340 Days

Nov 15, 2020

The premise of this story is that everyone, regardless of their gender or age, has a pre-determined genetic "type". Lin is a shut, a person who, upon their 18th birthday, will encounter the person they will genetically have an undying love for the rest of their life. On her 18th birthday, she meets Dosung, a destroy - a rare percent of the population known for their psychopathic traits and superhuman strength. After this, Lin is obsessive with Dosung, proclaiming her love for him at every corner, with Dosung being completely indifferent. However, as the title comes into play, after 340 days, their toxic relationship begins to show. Dosung becomes extremely possessive and abusive, especially physically. So much so, that at times, it was hard to get through. I truly didn't like this, and while the premise was interesting, the toxicity of the relationship completely threw me off. With further romanticization of physical abuse and controlling behaviors, it doesn't present a "cute" story whatsoever. The characters were flat and one dimensional, with much of their personality being predetermined by their "type". Lin especially does nothing different throughout the story. There is little to no character development, and one of the only positives to this story is the art, which is pretty decent. Overall, I wouldn't recommend reading this as it has an unhealthy romanticization of toxic relationships. It left me with a queasy, uneasy feeling, and is something I don't think I'll ever read again.

5/10 story
6/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Kaeseolin Mar 28, 2022

Hey, I loved your review and I remembered it a lot, their gender/age is kinda regardless too! And the characters' relationship seems to be in love at first sight I understand that.

And yes, this story goes well that you actually liked it or not, it's just my opinion.