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One day ago, I started watching this series and you don't even know how much I am obsessed with this.

This story actually starts with a guy name Rong Tian and his son Rong Nian Bing goes to an ice palace knoen as Ice God Pagoda  to save his wife but ended up getting trapped. But Rong Tian manages to save his son by teleportation and tells him to live on his own.

Then starts the story of his son Rong Nian Bing , who through teleportation survives but as the Ice God Pagoda priests ran after him to get their ice and snow stone he jumps in to the river and ended up on some place where cherry blossoms blooms.

An old man named Zha Ji, saves him and when he get to know this boys talent he trains him to be a chef as for himself  Zha Ji was the famous Demon chef who hide from the world outside.

Rong Nian decides to get revenge from Ice God Pagoda priests.

As you know, I didn't told about boys talent. That is because you got to see it by  your self.

i recommend you to make sure watch this anime.

this one is on my MUST WATCH!!! list.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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