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Hey guys it's Renji and sis Rangiku!! Sorry about being gone for soo long!! We are back!! Please add back and message us asap!! Again we are soo sorry!! And yes...I mean Renji as in BleachSta4Ever and Rangiku from BleachSta4Eva!! We are back so please follow us as soon as possible! We miss you guys soo much!!


Hey guys! I'm Renji! 

Some things about myself are:

Some animes/mangas I'm interested in:

And many, many more!! I have been an anime fan since the age of 5. My dad likes anime, but my mom isn't to particular about it....she likes soap operas and reality tv shows!

My twin sister is also on here. If you wish to contact her, you will have to address her by name on a comment here on this accountDo not hurt her. I love her more than my own life. I will kick your ass if you dare hurt her.

I also have two brothers. One is TheLostHarley and the other is SpiritedForce! I love them soo much as well. You hurt them and you will pay. Thank you both for being so special!

Feel free to message me anytime. You can ask me anything about me! Nothing is too personal. If you need someone to talk to, I'm always here for you. I don't judge people....EVER! I love you all! ^^ <3 

Have a great fantastical day!!!! ^^ <3

Here's Rangiku:

I should talk about myself, I guess. XD 

Things about me are:

I love you all and wish to protect you all! And also, if you would like to know the other anime sites I am on, please feel free to message me! And message me anytime you want to talk, I'm here for all of you 24/7! :) Next, these are some shout outs to people here on the site! BleachSta4Ever: Thanks for being such a great brother in so many ways! :) TheLostHarley: Thanks for being an amazing guy that cares about his friends! I love you soo much! XD SpiritedForce: Thanks for being a great bro and making me laugh when I was down...or talking to me when I was bored or even sticking with me when I didn't make any sense...those times are great! Lol XD! Shivichan: Thanks for being a great friend and although we don't get to talk much...I still enjoy the time we get! :) And to anyone else I didn't mention....I still love you guys to but forgot to say you!! You all mean so much to me..and I'd be sad to see any of you go! Please stay with me forever!! :) <3 EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT DAY!! :) <3 Peace!

 As for the parts about us being BleachSta4Ever and BleachSta4Eva, that it still true, but we would prefer if you contacted us on this account, a.k.a. BleachSta4Ever95. It will make it easier to talk until we have some situations worked out. Thanks guys!

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TheLostHarley Jul 13, 2019


Indeed,we all are secretly around,man.And sometimes,we come back here,because we didn't forget this amazing site,and the wonderful people "inhabitating" it.That's why I am here,now,writing this message to you,bro!

Life's been kinda harsh to me these months.Broke a finger of my right hand,and had to go know...the usual life problems,too. But I'm tackling it all! No fear,man.We must go on,with our heads up,and without backing off.

Of course,I'd love to keep in touch with you! Gonna wait for a reply from you,then! Always secretly around,here. ^^

TheLostHarley May 6, 2018

Hell,it's been more than a year.I've missed you a lot,too.Life is crazy,and it's hard to keep up with everything.Cannot promise I'll be a lot more present here,but I'm not dead!Also,I appreciate how you didn't forget me.Thanks,man!I mean it!

FullmetalDragon Apr 10, 2018

No worries ^^ Perfect! I'll let Rntt89 know then :D Make sure you tell her stuff like when you're busy and stuff rather than me as well, since she'll be the one keeping an eye out on you, not me :P

Would you like to join our discord channel as well?

FullmetalDragon Mar 13, 2018

That's brilliant to hear! We'd love to have you on the team! :D No need for a reference, I'm sure you'll do a great job, but you'll need to have a read through of the first post on our forum page. The new WECO is run pretty differently from the old one, so it may take a bit of getting used to, but hopefully you'll get used to it in no time! Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Usually this is where I'd ask which team you wanted to join, but since I've got waay to many on my team, and FriendlyDemon's team is going through a change in management, would it be ok if you joined Rntt89's team? Of course, if you have any objections, that's fine, but if you have no real preference, it would be a great help to us! 

Would you also be interested in joining our discord channel?

BleachSta4Ever Mar 13, 2018

Statement by Renji on both our behalfs:

Just as my sister posted that using our joint account, I got emails on my phone about a new comment being added to our accounts. It turns out our accounts were on the same email and we are now moving one to a new email and changing the passwords.

You can still feel free to contact us on our joint account, BleachSta4Ever95, or on our own individual accounts. We will work on responding to any messages that we feel we hadn't before in the past so please be patient with us. Thank you everyone for still sticking around. It means a lot!