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Hiya! It's Renji again!

Some things about myself are:

Some animes/mangas I'm interested in:

And many, many more!! I have been an anime fan since the age of 5. My dad likes anime, but my mom isn't to particular about it....she likes soap operas and reality tv shows!

My twin sister is also on here. If you wish to contact her, her name is BleachSta4EvaDo not hurt her. I love her more than my own life. I will kick your ass if you dare hurt her.

I also have two brothers. One is TheLostHarley and the other is SpiritedForce! I love them soo much as well. You hurt them and you will pay. Thank you both for being so special!

Feel free to message me anytime. You can ask me anything about me! Nothing is too personal. If you need someone to talk to, I'm always here for you. I don't judge people....EVER! I love you all! ^^ <3 

Have a great fantastical day!!!! ^^ <3

P.S. As you have probably seen by now, my sister and I created a joint account as we couldn't access our own individual accounts. You can reach us on our own individual accounts or our joint account, BleachSta4Ever95.

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BleachSta4Ever Mar 13, 2018

Just as my sister posted that using our joint account, I got emails on my phone about a new comment being added to our accounts. It turns out our accounts were on the same email and we are now moving one to a new email and changing the passwords.

You can still feel free to contact us on our joint account, BleachSta4Ever95, or on our own individual accounts. We will work on responding to any messages that we feel we hadn't before in the past so please be patient with us. Thank you everyone for still sticking around. It means a lot!


BleachSta4Ever95 Mar 13, 2018

I probably should've done this when my brother and I made this new account as we both got locked out of our accounts due to issues with our emails and by now, we don't even know where to start when it comes to recovering them. It's still the same Renji and Rangiku from the accounts, BleachSta4Ever and BleachSta4Eva. We miss you all and if you happen to come to our page and look at the comments, you may happen to see this one. If you do, and wish to see us again, hop on over to this account's page and send us a message. We will be absolutely happy to hear from you!

Just to make sure this gets across, BleachSta4Ever and BleachSta4Eva, are on this account...BleachSta4Ever95!

Sianeka Aug 12, 2017

Happy Birthday to you both

Sianeka Jan 14, 2016

I still haven't heard back from you since I put you on Hiatus... are you ok? The site says you are not visiting so much (you are listed as being on last mid-April). 

I have you listed as taking a break from doing welcomes at this time (on hiatus). So, I'm wondering how you feel - do you think you'll want to come back to doing welcomes? Or no more greetings for a while?

If you think you might come back in future, I'll put you on indefinite hiatus until the future when you feel you can do regular greetings again.

If however, you don't see coming back as a regular Greeter, I can change your status to Club Supporter, and no worries about doing any more assignments.  (If you change to Club Supporter, it does not have to be permanent. You could still come back as a Greeter in future, it just will mean that you have no plans at this time to do so.)

Please get back to me to let me know where you stand, and more importantly, how you are doing.

tachibanahanabi28 Dec 28, 2015

Hi~!! :DD Let's be friends! ^o^