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***My Manga Collection***


WARNING: I swear and don't censor the words when I do, so if that's not something you like/tolerate, please feel free to ignore whatever I write.


~If someone pulls up to me in a sketchy, white van playing "il Vento D'oro" and tells me to get in, I will 100% get in. No questions asked.

~Book 3's Zuko, Free!'s Nagisa & Berserk's Puck are my spirit animals. I'm awkward like Zuko and annoying/high-energy like Nagisa & Puck.

~My sense of direction is on par with Zoro's. 

~I hate celery just as much as Ronaldo.

~I have an unhealthy obsession with Ito Junji's works... And with Miyano Mamoru.

~Mirio should've been the one to inherit One for All. Change my mind. #LemillionToSaveAMillion

~Not to be dramatic, but I would die for Gugu. He's the fire-breathing dragon who will always protect his princess.

~We all need a Chifuyu in our lives. A ride or die partner.

~You're lying if you didn't swoon when Gojo first took off that fucking blindfold.

~Everything was all because of Danzo. Fuck him. Fuck Hiruzen, too, while we're at it. He was an even bigger piece of shit. He takes the cake.

~Piccolo was a better father to Gohan than Goku ever was.

~Griffith is a horrible friend. 0/10 would not recommend.

~Fugo is a fuck for ditching the gang. Change my mind.

~If I was told I only had 11mins to live, I'd watch the Goku vs Frieza 4D Film & die with a smile on my face.

~So long as new Yami Shibai seasons keep coming out, I will continue to watch them forever. Fight me.
   Yotterashai mitterashai, Yami Shibai no Jikan dayo.

~If you wanna know how to rip my soul out of my body, just strap me down and force me to watch Episode 12 of To Your Eternity. I will drown in tears every God damn time without fail. I'll never get over that fucking episode.

~Sonic the Hedgehog's best line: "Now, Piccolo is a Saiyan just like Raditz, but he doesn't like Raditz."

~There's nothing better than watching Kanda get smacked in the face by a door.

~In case anyone cares, I use the "characters I adore" section to mark all of the characters I love/enjoy in each anime/manga I've watched/read (or rewatched/reread) since I created this profile. Characters are what make or break a story for me, so that list will only get bigger with time.

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RIPAnime May 4, 2022

Thanks for your nice words regarding my profile. Sadly I had remove some of it because *cringe*.

I'm not active on this platform right now but I'd appreciate a follow.

In the forseeable future I plan on turning my profile page into something useful for anime fans.

If you have any ideas as to what *non-cringy* thing I could include in my profile, I'm all ears!

Peace <3

thegirlontheclouds Mar 31, 2022

kashimaaa, hes like the sweetest boy, but i srsly simp for everyone else too lol

thegirlontheclouds Mar 30, 2022

Exactlyyyy  have you read the manga tho? it has some nice tea

thegirlontheclouds Mar 29, 2022

you shouldn't be too if you enjoyed it ;)

Slphr Feb 15, 2022

Thanks for commenting on my list, I actually forgot about it haha! I don't think it has been updated for a year or so but I'll try to get around to it again. :)