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High-Rise Invasion

May 4, 2021

SIC Series no.5 (Sorry I Can’t!)

Episodes tolerated: 5/12

Hmm… story huh… characters huh… well...

Do you like crappy and catchy premises?

Do you like some boobs and some thighs?

Do you like lifeless and completely non-plausible characters that turn 180 degrees in mere seconds?

Do you like 90% of your episodes to be infodumping and silly exposition?

Do you like unnecessary violence? What if I throw some unnecessary GL in there? Are you sold yet?

Technical department I guess...

Do you like the lowest amount of frames possible and generic character design? What about uninspiring voice acting (still probably the best aspect of the show) and lame music?

Most importantly are you a firm believer that if a person falls off a roof there is exactly 100% chance that he will land on his head?

Then you are in luck, this show is just for you.

In the very unlikely event that you don’t enjoy the above… pretend this show never existed.

This show tried to do something like what Akudama drive did last season. Action, gore and violence galore, but it failed miserably, not that Akudama succeeded convincingly, but at least it’s way better than this shit, and if it’s gore that you seek, you are way better off watching that show and not this junk. Main problem is the sense of completely lacking direction, this show is... well you can't really tell, it's a vague childish wanna be serious plot that tries to hold together half ass attempts at comedy, action, gore, romance, religion and techonology, eventually it even gets a shounen power system kind off. If i had more time at my hands i would probably sit through just to have a complete opinion about (mostly persuaded by my curiosity to see how shitty the exploration of all of its themes i sgoing to get) and try to find out how the silly plot is gonna conclude (if it does conclude) but it is not worth it folks, that's my two cents.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall

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