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3S review no.23 (short, simple and salty/sweet/spicy)

So, I’m all up for weird premises and unique ideas, so the premise of this show, a classroom trying to kill the their teacher, was enough to hook me up to try it out, unfortunately a nice premise is not enough to make a nice show, and this one stands as prime example.

The story is boring beyond saving and 90% of it feel like it’s filler. Like you kind of like the 1st episode cause of the premise, then nothing happens until the last couple of episodes of the first season, then again nothing happens until the last episodes of the second season. The show really lets down your expectations and just proceeds with lame slice of life days in the school and half ass attempts at comedy, instead of thrilling and well thought out assassination attempts. Also everything just plays out so conveniently for the plot, even the teacher pulls out from his ass some plot armors at the perfect moment, even though we had no idea about the teacher’s powers, so everything falls flat. Pacing is terrible, like we could have learn about the teacher past little by little, but no, we just get slapped with his past all at at once, story telling is not good in this one and it doesn’t really know what the show is about. Is it comedy? Is it action? Is it slice of life? Well, it’s a little bit of everything with a major dose of boredom. For what it’s worth, there is a conclusion in the end of the second season, even though it is nonsensical mostly done for the sake drama, it is a solid end none the less.

Characters, well, Koro sensei is interesting I guess, he could have been way better but it is what it is I guess, just an overpowered caricature, still, he is the best part of the show and when he is not on the screen the show plummets. I guess the other main characters are Nagisa and Karma? Who are both stereotypical and uninteresting. Nagisa also happens to look like a girl for whatever reason, at one point his mother says that she wanted a daughter and not a son, so Nagisa turned out to have the proportions of a girl, ass and waist and everything, so that’s how it works huh… Anyway apart from those two the rest of the cast is even more unmemorable, like they could swap their faces and voices around every episode and you’d probably not even notice.

Animation is alright, it is well done but something is really bothering me and for the life of me I can’t pinpoint what exactly. Is it the hard outlines? Is it the camera that is always way too focused? Is it that everything is so bright and oversaturated like they they have a light pointing on top of every face? I am not sure exactly but something really annoys me.

Sound is probably the best aspect of the show, the tracks are nice, voice acting is nice, especially Koro sensei’s VA does a fine job so do some other recognizable and talented voice actors. The openings are great, fun and unique. But when sound is the best aspect of the show, that is not really something to be happy about huh?

So is it worth a watch? No, as much as it saddens me because I liked the premise, it is definitely not worth the watch. If it was way shorter, it might be worth just to find out how the story plays out, but as it is it is not worth to sit through 48 episodes that most of them are mind-numbingly boring just to get the end of the story and I definitely do not recommend it.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall

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