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Fire Force 2nd Season

Dec 12, 2020

SST no.1 (seasonal shower thoughts)

So, 2nd season of fire force came to an end. All in all I’d say it was pretty enjoyable.

The shows flaws and its strengths alike are still apparent. There are plot holes here and there, like when Charon was fighting Shninra, saying that he wiil get him back cause he is a pillar, yet after he won and Shinra was unconscious he just let him be. Didn’t make much sense if any at all, I guess they thought no one would notice that because it was too obvious. Also the fight with the puppeteer girl, when Haumea steps into the fight, absolutely zero reason she does that, you can’t even excuse it by Haumea’s wacky character, cause despise her character being that way she still fights for the cause. Despite the few missteps though, the story is still intriguing, you do want to find out whats gonna happen, you do want to know the mysteries of this world. So the plot holes are still there, yet the story is still intriguing. Pacing is fine, things happen keeping you engaged, although I think the spread of the season could have been better, I don’t really know why many shounen do that, end the season with a slack, and less interesting stuff.

As for characters there is some development in this season, unfortunately not too much, I expected a bit more. For some characters even though the idea is solid, the premise behind the characters and their relationships is great, its not really that well founded. For example, the new pillar, Inca, yeah I get the thought behind her character, yet it still is stereotypical and shallow, and her change of heart right after she joins the white clads is way over the top, shes acts straight out of the bat like she has been with them for years, and it’s not like she is endangered like she wished for. The weird duo of characters, Kurono and the kid, as interesting as an idea their relationship is, one wanting to torture the weak, the other wanting to be weak because of expectations being a burden on him, it is once again not well founded. Like the kid became that way because his parents weren’t happy with his grades and keep wanting more?? Fuck that shit you special snowflake, like almost every kids carries the burden of his parent expectations at some point. Same goes for Kurono, his character design is great by the way, but he isn’t really plausible.

Two major and typical flaws of the shonen genre are still apparent here, infodumping and fan service. Infodumping can be handled better, although it is handled better than the 1st season I think, partially cause we already know some basic stuff about the world. Now, fan service, well it is slightly better than the 1st season, and right when I thought that is way better than the 1st season, around the midway point they had like half an episode dedicated to fan service. To be honest I’d rather get half an episode of fan service and get over with it, rather than having it litter the entire show, but what can you do, shounen are shounen, kids are kids, money is money.

Animation is still great and character design is great. I hate the CG backgrounds all the time, but, if that’s how they save money so the rest of it can be well animated I can endure it. Both of the openings are pretty good (with the 1st one being slightly better I think), the last ending is nice as well.

Sound is still great, I’m a sucker for the heartbeat fire sound since season one. Voice acting is solid.

All in all as I said, very enjoyable, this show is way better than the likes of MHA, 7DS etc, and I really think should get more credit than it does. If it took itself more serious, tone down the fanservice and infodumping it could be way better. If it could tighten the plot a bit and develop the characters in a meaningful way it could be amazing.

And yes ofc its worth watching, you watched the 1st season already and the 2nd season does everything you expect from it.

6/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
5.5/10 characters
6.9/10 overall

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