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Summer Ghost

Nov 11, 2022

3S Review no. 64 (short, simple and salty/sweet/spicy)

Not a lot of movies are coming out nowadays, let alone good movies, so my eye caught this one, the 40 minutes length was a selling point personally, but, to no surprise it was 40 minutes wasted.

Story, three teenagers meet up in order to find a ghost that seems to appear only in the summer, then they become friends and decide to help the ghost by finding her body, helping her move on. Now, why you may ask, well, no one knows, they just do, do not question the almighty writer. There are no motives really, the whole thing is just a vessel for carrying the writers message. It is so blatantly obvious, so disgustingly didactic, childishly straightforward that I find it hard to believe that even the youngest of audience won’t feel his intelligence being offended. It is nothing but cheap drama, poorly written, poorly told, uninteresting, nonsensical if you take it for face value, and sellable easily digestible crap if you don’t.

The characters are on the same boat, one is depressed for… well no reason, aside from being an artist, and you know, you have to be depressed if you like drawing, there is no other logical outcome. The other guy is dying in a couple of months, and becoming a ghost buster was probably his great great grandparent last wish, and the girl wanted to suicide cause some kids at school threw water at her. On top of that, everything happens so haphazardly that even if you really tried, you’d still couldn’t care for them.

Animation is fine for what is worth, nothing spectacular and nothing difficult to animate either. It has charm to it even though it is pretty uninspiring.

The sound is the best aspect of the movie, the song is cute and charming, even though I am a sucker for violin so tale that as you will.

So, is it worth a watch? No, it is nothing but a waste of time, cheap, poorly written drama. This movie is like it was made by Almodovar, but having none of Almodovar’s virtues, only the lame stuff.

1/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
1/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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Volaju Dec 26, 2022

what did you expect, japanese teens are autistic, welcome to the world of Sion Sono o/

blakethegreat4215 Nov 24, 2022

This was an awful take, what the hell are you on about!!

The reason why they decided to go help the summer ghost was soo simple to udnerstand. They are all curious of death and want to learn more. They seek the ghost to learn and understand how its like. They are all a little mentally ill. The protag goes out and helps the ghost becasue he got emotionally attached to her. They became friends. He wanted to help. 

Also, what do you mean "the whole thing is just a vessel for carrying the writers message" all stories are like that!! This one is a little more obvious than others, ill give you that, but theres nothing wrong with that. A nice story of characters finding there will to live was nice. Not everything has to be a beautifully crafted story that has to be so advanced it gets a fancy award. Its a simple 40 minute story. calm down.

It is a little short and it does feel rushed... but you just didnt understand the motives by the characters. The protag had the burden of educational success pressed on him by his mother, snuffing out his desires to paint and to live essintially. The other guy was had a terminal illness, of course he was interested in his next life after death. The girl was definitely has more of a reason to being suicidal than just water being dumped on her. There was probably more to it just not shown, which is an issue but your inablilty to critically think more past what you are seeing on screen is limitling your enjoyment to the short film.

This short film doesnt deserve this kind of slander that it got from you. The charaters had interesting backstories that didnt try to hard, the story had an interesting concept that delievered a nice message, what is there to need from a 40 minute long short film?