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CodeEnder Mar 15, 2023

I'd like to know what your top ten anime are. I'm looking for reccomendations here; I'm not really into the seasonal garbage coming out all the time

BlYnT Dec 9, 2022

Those 10,000 watched eps mean nothing, based off your low ratings its obvious youre not an anime fan. Weird that you watch so much of it.

ReviewBonfire Jan 11, 2021


Well, we agree more or less, but i wouldnt call it impressive. Its presentation, yeah, that's impressive.

And the blonde mop head, he is the exact opposite of pleasant. Maybe he is bearable in the manga, where you don't have to hear him. 

And i wouldnt say it's better that those other shounen, but it isn't worse either... (except dragonball, anything is better than that) "


That will be a problem in the shounen genre for a very long time.

Every SHounen is either low in content and well executed, which ends up as a 6/10

Or the Shounen has a solid plot, but a very poor implementation.

The worst SHounen I've ever seen so far (from the well-known ones) is definitely Fairy Tail, followed by Dragon Ball Super and Heroes. Dragon Ball Classic and Z are ... below average af but still kind of okay.