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Konnichiwa! And welcome to my page.

My name is Cherrelle, but i go by alot of different names. One of them is my Risembool Ranger ranger name: Reinae, the Black Angel Alchemist. (hence forth the username blackAngel Reinae)

If you want to know why I am here, well let me tell you; 

I am here because this site has some interesting features such as posting reviews, lists, and blogs that is all related to anime and manga. I have a knack for critiquing anime because I love to watch anime from time to time. It is alongside my favorite pasttimes, such as watching films and TV shows and critiquing them as well, but that's not really something to talk about here since this site is anime/manga related. I also like playing video games as well (as that makes me a big video game player as well)

i am friends with fullmetalcowboy24 and he is an expert at being a 'good otaku' critque than me. i'm more of a hardcore otaku and video gamer than most people.few reasons of me as a hardcore otaku: i love anime, manga, games and i'm not afraid to go outside and cosplay for no reason  at all! (THAT'S WHAT MAKES ME UNQIUE!)

now, let's get down to basics:


NOTE FOR YOU ALL TO READ: there are certain types of manga and animes that i will review and others i will defeinty NOT review under any cirumstances!!! (so  don't even think of asking)some of those i would have to check out, before i watch, so if you get a no, i will tell you my reasons why.

And that's all i have to say for now. this is just a intro, so if you want to come and talk or leave a comment, that would be okay with me.

~also, as another notice- me and Fullmetalcowboy24 review and watch alot of the same animes, (we might review the same ones, but with different veiews and reactions to what we think about them)~

thanks for listening and i hope to make freinds with all of you soon! JA NEE~

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FullmetalCowboy Oct 7, 2012

AnimePlanet e Yokoso!

(Translation: Welcome to AnimePlanet!)