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Bimpy, 28 years!

Well, if I should write about myself - where should I begin.
I can start with that I love anime and manga, it goes in
between passion and obsession.
This world is kind of my therapy, when I need a break from

And then, moving forward ! I love to color, and since I can't
draw anything myself, I find line arts on the internet and use
that. It is comforting, and I enjoy it alot.

Well then, what more to tell?
- I love the color blue.
- I like to play some games.
- I love to play soccer, basketball, paintball and stuff, and do MMA.
- I like to watch Movies / Series, and listening to music.
- I like both hard core action and hard core drama / Romance, "a mix with
that and I'm in heaven" hihi, but I also like other genres.
- Cherry Blossom is my favorite <3 
- My awesome, kaawaaiii, beautiful niece is in her as well, AS BeckaPanda <3
- Instagram: bimpy_chan

Quite frankly, I do not know what more I can write. So if you have some
questions, fire away. I have been bad at responding on comments, but I 
do try mye best to answer, since its fun. And I always love to get new
recommendations and inspirations for new anime and manga shows/books.

This is only some of my favorite! :
Orignial, the list would be much longer. 

Naruto / Naruto Shippuden
One Piece
Fairy Tail / Fairy Tail 2
Sword Art Online / Sword Art Online II
Kuroko No Basket / Kuroko No Basket 2 / Kuroko No Basket 3 
- Attack On Titan 
- Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
- Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
- Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic / Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
- Kimi No Na Wa

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SubstituteShinigami Jan 28, 2019

Hi there!! OMG It's been a while since I last have been on here but I'm back!! How have you been? 

BlizzardRed Jan 14, 2019

Hello Bimpy,
It was Great to hear from you, Thanks for the wait!
Well as you requested Which Animes Do I Recommend to watch?!

Well I looked through all of your "want to watch list" and from those that I watched I would Suggest to prioratize those.
As well I looked over what genres you liked to pick out the top 2 for now ;)
First off:
Aoharu x Kikanjuu - I believe this is maybe the best one to prioritize especially for you! I don't want to say much about it but it marks all you genres and what you like, Paintball!

Related image

And Second one:
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom - Has the action, Drama, and Romance!

Image result for Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom fight gif

As for Which Animes I like hmm:

These would be the 2 that I would want to see if I didn't yet from your "want to watch list"!
Grancrest Senki - Conquering, Strategy, Army, Action and "Leveling up"

Related image

Gate (and the second Season) - Traveling to another world full of Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy (Romans, Elves, Dragons, etc.) vs. Modern Weapons! 

Related image

Keep me posted, Got several more suggestions for which animes to prioritize!

SubstituteShinigami Dec 31, 2018

Tokyo Ghoul is life. I literally love the manga so much. Kaneki is hands down my favoirte character. Anime isn't as good but the manga is truly a master piece. You should read it. 

SubstituteShinigami Dec 31, 2018

Hey nice to finally here from you :D. I haven't watched Attack on Titan yet but I do plan to watch it. I'm not really into SAO. I am currently watching Soul Eater and Yu Yu Hakusho at the moment.