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animemonster3 Feb 4, 2020

Hi SolFirdbird,

Thanks for taking the time to reading my comment/review. I appreicate your point of review and comment. Now its been a few years since my review, and even longer since I initial watched the show, so bear with me. I feel like show is very open to interpretation, because there was many holes in the plot/ story. Also I wouldnt say I am angry, I would say more confused on why the show is beloved, since there is such a dependency between what I felt about the show versus how the general public feels. Althought at the begininng of the review I did mention that I watched/ attempted to watch numerous anime and found many of them dissatifying, mainly because many of them did not make complete sense, or is not realistic enough for my taste. That does not mean there is not anime out there that I do like.

But the show was one of the first anime I watched, I am currently re-watching the anime again to see if I was too hrash about the show, however still into episode 2 I am unimpressed from the show. Maybe the people that find this anime as a heartfelt and sad anime, are people without hardship in there life? I find the anime , trying to facade to be more then it really is (coming of age), I  found the show to trying too hard to be ''PG'' and hided the elements that could of made it more dark, then it could of been more realistic and ''sad'' that would be the true tear jerker.

I do enjoy discussions about this, I find them entertaining. One thing I am curious is why you felt my theories were too wild? And why did not agree with them and which ones? And what was your interpretation, I noticed that you rated the show pretty high?