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Prison School

Sep 26, 2015

How did I fall upon one of the most unique anime out there?  I guess you can say I got really bored and didn't know what to watch when the Summer 2015 season rolled around.  I stumbled upon Prison School and put that on my "Want to Watch" list hoping for a decent laugh.


Hachimitsu Academy just allowed male students in their previously all-girl school with the addition of 5 new male students: Kiyoshi (our main character), Gakuto, Shingo, Joe, and Andre.  All they wanted was an honest high school boy life but just couldn't.  They instead chose to be more devious and peep on their girls' bath but ultimately got caught.  The boys were punished for their crimes by the Underground Student Council and sent to prison... inside the school.

The only way to describe the story is just aboslutely crazy.  Think like Gurren Lagann/Kill La Kill crazy but more ecchi.  Yes, it can be more ecchii than Kill La Kill.  Trust me.  It's borderline hentai.  I was just looking for a quick laugh since it was classified as a comedy but it was way more than that.  I was in pain with all the laughter that occured.  I especially loved how they tried to make the most serious matter out of something really ridiculously hilarious.


Probably one of the most stellar of the year outside of Shokugeki no Soma which, coincidentally, is also done by the same studio.  The thing I love about it is the overexaggeration which that takes place.  One thing that I love is that I feel like they actually modelled a person's face and it kinda feels 3D with the way they do the shading and coloring.  It's really difficult to explain but most great things are like that.  One thing going ahead is that there's a whole lot of censorship because the shots they do are pretty much hentai so yeah.  That's one thing to look out for but I didn't really mind that much.


First off, I love the opening.  It just gets me really hype to listen to and matches the energy of the show.  Next is the great voice acting.  It's primarily from Gakuto who talks extremely formal but is shouting most of the time which is also hilarious.  It's kinda confuses me how they can say such vulgar things in a serious tone and that's what gets me.  Then there's the ultra serious and intense background music because there are other great moments that call for it.


One of the most eccentric, interesting side characters of all time.  Everyone has a thing that makes you love them like Andre's masochism to the school chairman's ass fetish.  There's not much character development as only one person sees any significant change.


I extremely enjoyed this anime so much I ended up reading the manga.  Now I'm skeptical on whether they'll greenlight a second season but it gets even more absurd than what it has shown so far.  It's not just a simple comedy where you can just pass time.  It was more than that to me.  It was... life changing...

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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Charana Dec 19, 2015

Season 2 is coming pretty soon,i just hope it doesn't get sensoured up the ass,if you've finished the manga you know theres alot of nude scenes to come.

I never finished a 200 chapter manga...This is my frist.

Saincev Oct 2, 2015

Came to see this anime by your review and I wasn't disappointed. Everything is in the anime as the author said.

Probably I set a record, because I laughed quite a lot for this anime action. It is really stupid, but fucking hilarious. The makers are gods. They know how our minds work and completely killed the thought you had. I praise them!