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Kuroko's Basketball

Oct 6, 2014

I came across this by recommendation from a friend.  We were talking about anime and he talked about this really cool basketball anime.  He didn't really go into detail and just told me to watch it.


There was once an epic team of junior high kids that never lost called The Generation of Miracles.  People only recognize the 5 starts but there was one mystery member the team themselves respected.  That one mystery member is Tetsuya Kuroko, who everyone thinks is invisible even though he's been standing in front of them the entire time.  Along the way he meets Kagami Taiga who's this big tough guy.  In order to win, they must go through each member of the GoM.  The plot makes you fully invest in your emotions.  It's full of laughs and heart-pounding drama.  The show totally mixes that well.


It's absolutely great.  The art style is really amazing.  One nice touch that I didn't nottice until late was that each member of the GoM have matching hair color and eye color according to their names.  The way they play is amazing.  Their movements were memorizing and just makes you wish you could do it as well.  If I were to be a bit picky it's this weird little thing that they can run full speed for like a minute and only be half way down the court.  It should take less 10 seconds to go end to end.  Other than that nothing bad.


Love the openings.  It's full of energy that gets you pumped!  It's what you expect and want to hear in a actiony sports anime.  Every character's voice matches perfectly to their personality.  Kuroko's voice is slow and monotone that it hypnotizes you like the way he plays.  Kagami's voice is loud, strong, and boistrous like him dunking the crap out of people.  Some sound bits I love is the ball going through the hoop.  As a basketball player as well, nothing sounds better than the ball going through nothing but net.  The dunking does sound a bit exagerrated but that's the show in general


One sign of a good sports anime is that although there's a main character, the entire team gets practically equal time to shine.  While watching, it just wasn't about Kuroko.  Everyone on his team from the bench players to the starters had a good level of importance.  All their personalities are very likeable.  As for the GoM, although they're the main antagonists (villians is a bit too much to call them) they still have quirks you'd just love.  Kise is a feminine heart-throb with some childish wonder.  Midorima is a superstitious bookworm.  Aomine is the awesome badass.


If you're looking for some epic basketball action, here you go.  It's difficult to talk about Kuroko no Basuke and not talk about something like Slam Dunk.  Slam Dunk preferred great story telling while KnB preferred awesome action.  It's pretty even.  However, Kuroko no Basuke is less realistic because some of the things that're done are just physically impossible.  It's an anime, though!  Of course there should be some awesome weird powers and stuff.  I definitely recommend this show to anyone in general.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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