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The name is Mara!

Been getting into even more anime and I'm pretty excited about it due to this website. Looking forward to watching all the anime and to making new friends with what I've watched. :) If you have anything you'd reccommend to me, let me know!

I've now seen almost over 100 animes and have almost 200 more to watch! Ever since graduating from college back in the spring of 2016, I've just been working tons, playing video games, and expecting a lovely baby here in the winter time! So I will have plenty more time for anime when I'm recovering. :) Feel free to add me on here and chat with me about anything! 

Top Ten Favorite Animes (Subject to Change!): *Don't have all 10 on here, since I still haven't found them all yet!

more to add to my top tier list soon!

Anime I dislike:

Feel free to leave comments anytime! :)

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Poiuw Dec 24, 2016

Merry Christmas! :)

Poiuw Aug 11, 2016

And that is what I like about it, you should thinkabout the anime as whole an also connections between characters. Shaft is awesome, they make onlyy 2 per year but that anime is level above the others. :P

Sure I have watched already 3-4 episodes of Orange.

Vaniltea Aug 4, 2016

I don't really think there was something you had to watch before. Sure, there is a series of songs, but it should have been possible to watch the anime without any prior knowledge of the story. But yeah, had it been a little less confusing, I might have enjoyed it.

I was actually thinkling of reading Orange rather than watching the anime.

Poiuw Jul 22, 2016

Ohhh, then you really dont know that the songs were first. xD Mekakucity actors was originally made as songs under name Kagerou Days (Kagerou Daze), songs were voiced by vocaloids and clips by artist that were scraps and just until last song they got together. You can find these song everywhere even on yourube. It was quite popular that they made manga from it and then anime. My favorite character is definitely Azami ah suck a sad story. But also I like Ene, Tsubomi and almost every character there. :P

Vaniltea Jul 22, 2016

Actually, I have watched Mekakucity Actors. But unfortunately, I didn't like it. :/