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Well, let me tell you a little about myself!~

You can call me Becka, and I love anime. It helps me to relax, forget the stess I might have, I can watch what I want without being judged for what I like and don't like. Anime is my safe place, my little bubble of romance, comedy, action, blood, tears, feelings. Well you name it, everything! It is my bubble <3 

I like to give every anime a chance before I decide if I like it or not, I like every genre: ecchi, yaoi, comedy, drama.You name it! I'm really not picky, the story and anime in it self is the important stuff!

If you want to know me on a more personal level:
- I have tattoos.
- I love the colour purple.
- I love food.
- I love horror, alternative fashion etc.
- I really love autumn - the colours, weather, get cozy under a blanket with a cup
  of hot beverage, the whole season and what it brings.
- I love to try new things as food, candy, drinks, you name it!
- Did I mention I LOOOOOOVE food *w*

Other hobbies/Otakus of mine:
- I love to sing, doesn't mean that I am good at it, but you can't break my spirit! 
- I love to be creative
- I love games! (video- and boardgames)
- I watch other movies/series, love to learn about bts stuff 
- I love to read, take photos, going on hikes, I work out ~ 

Damn.. I didn't think that it was this much to tell you guys, I guess I am a little more interesting than I thougt *w* 

This is just a few of my favorites, see my list for more:

- Attack on Titan

Brynhildr in the Darkness

- Say "I love you"

Higurashi no naku koro ni

- Vampire Knight (The 2nd anime that made me really fall in love with anime when I was ca. 13years old)

- Fruits basket (The 1st anime that made me fall in love with anime when I was 11years old) 

How my rating works:

First off - I don't think any anime is bad, every anime is good in it self!

0 stars - just forgot to rate it, or I don't know what to rate it
1 star - It wasn't my kind of anime
2 stars - It's okay
3 stars - It's good
4 stars - I liked it
5 stars - I loved it!

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Ellogegamer Nov 11, 2018

Hey Becka-chan! How have you been? (^_^)

I'm sorry for the very late replay (again). (>_<)

I'm glad that the stress period is behind you now and that you are (were) feeling better. I hope hope that you continue feeling great!!! :)

Wow... so much snow still for the spring time!! Still it must be lovely~. We've just had the first snowfall since summer is gone, a bit earlier than usual, but it's been a crazy weather year for us here. >< We've had to deal with a few tornadoes by the time you were replying to me. And very recentenlty we've had the visit of the first hurricane I ever witnessed: Hurricane Leslie. It's was still a fairly small hurricane, so all it did was some damage to some builidings, power cables, and the poor trees. >< I fear this phenomenon may become more frequent since the global warming thing is starting to get more noticeable. :/

Did you enjoy The Ancient Magus' Bride? I really liked it! All anime that can make you cry, laugh, and get you interested all the time, has to have a special place in your heart. x) I haven't started with K yet and My teen romantic comedy SNAFU, but this one was very close to being chosen recently, but I went with Baka and Test instead. I also like it. x3 Maybe the next ROM-COM I'll watch it will be it, as I've heard it is a favorite material! How did you find it? And what anime are you watching by this time? :P

Yes, I've played Danganronpa 1 and 2 but not 3 yet. They are very anime-like, but you get to move in a 2D ambient when in exploration mode. For the rest it works like any other visual novel game, but in the trial parts, there are some cool stuff you need to do where you get your trigger reflexes, fast thinking, and attention span tested. ^u^ The biggest difference between anime and games is that, like in any game, you take part in the story, actively, while in the anime you just watch, passively. xD Sorry if it sounded duh, but that's the best way I can describe it. ^^

Hmm, besides anime, other series I'm watching is Westworld. The AI theme is all the rage these days xD How about you? Anything you would like to recommend? ^v^

That's it for now. I hope you are feeling great when you get this. It's always a pleasure to know about you. ^w^

Mata ne~! ^u^7

Annou Oct 17, 2018

Heyyyyyyyy <3

and I answered 1 year later too xD how are you? Im finally free from university

Villaj09 Apr 30, 2018

Currently I'm working to save up money so I can go to an Anime expo in alburqueque NM

Lyterus Apr 28, 2018

Hey Becka,

I'm not watching any anime really because of my busy schedule, but the last really good anime I watched was Tokyo Ghoul Root A.



Villaj09 Apr 26, 2018

 What's up?