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Writing this on Ep 2/3 and yes I said episode. I don't know why they have this as a movie on here but I can only find it as 3 seperate episodes.

Ok let me start by saying im disappointed. I don't if its because its been awhile since the anime was first released but this sequel was all over the place. I watched it subbed and the subs were awful to the point I thought I should turn it off but I don't like doing that. The subs might be the reason why the story seems everywhere but I doubt it. The animation is still great but the story is lacking and I feel like they threw this out there for the hell of it.

A lot of the story pisses me off too for example no one listening or sticking up for certain people... its just ridiculous... I don't write reviews but I had to let my frustration out somewhere lol

This does no justice for fans, this sequel was awful.


ok yea main character was useless except for maybe one action scene he didn't do anything but yell.... which is annoying but im done with it. I will start reading the manga to see how different it is and hopefully better than what I just watched. They put so much work into the animation but the story was just terrible. Even though I say this I do hope they bring more and come back with an amazing piece of work for a whole 12 episode season instead of letting it get rushed like this "movie" did.

The manga probably explains why it was rushed....

6/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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