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Kamigami no Asobi

Dec 22, 2014

So I actually work as an Anime reviewer to certain blogs, so usually i'm not allowed to do this, but I really loved this anime, and I am certain the site I work for wont review this so I brought it up with the people I work with and they said, Go For It! So here you go, I also can't mention them in any relation to this, so don't ask what site I review for, anyway, I wont tell you cause I review anonymously.


Now I gave Story a 9/10, because it does have a good overall arc, until the last 2 episodes, the pacing of Yui bonding with all the gods is done really well, and it seems she spends equal time with each god, which in a reverse harem, is definitely needed. It does give a little bit more to characters like Apollon, Balder, Loki, but that is justified as those are the characters along with Yui, we need to be most attached to when the ending happens. Now onto the problem of the ending, which is why this is a 9/10 not a 10/10. They literally left no build up to the ending except for the last two episodes and a little in the episodes around Christmas, which I'm sure was only one episode, or at least sure, I watched this in one day and i'm already loosing the first bit, man i'm getting old, :(, and i only just got to be able to vote! It needed either better immersion into the plot of the first 10 episodes or, give the ending more like 5 episodes to work with, it felt rushed, like the people writing and drawing the anime were suddenly given less episodes to work with when they were almost done. I don't know if that really happened or just poor planning, but you really feel it in the end. Also, the jerk ending man! Why do they all seem to end like that now with the real ending after the credits start, you know alot of people turn away at the start of the credits and it really destroys the immersion, but this is getting ranty so onto the next topic!


I really liked this animation that is why I gave it a 8/10, but it was dampened by little glitches I noticed, like when Melissa talked once or twice the lips did not sink with the voice, same with the characters that did not appear often or didn't talk really there were a little slip ups, which are okay, not everything can be perfect, none of them were major ones, all very minor and something I probably noticed because when I watch animes sometimes they will start slowing or something well they are talking and I notice it for a second, none of these are normal and probably wouldn't be noticed on a person watching it on tv or something like that where they already pre have it and not streaming. There were a couple problems though like when they went to the ad markers it would be a black screen for well enough for me to realize there was a black screen, which is not good utilize every frame people! Next topic!


Now I know your looking at this and see the score is alot lower then the others the lowest by 2 points the highest by 4 and that was because well I love the intro and the outro music(I mean I would sit and listen to it over nothing, and it over some other animes) it is not catching enough to make me want to listen to it every time or it gets stuck in my head. If I had to refresh the page or something and had already listened to the into once I skipped through it, also sound is not just intro and outro, it is much more. Sound should be going every second of the anime unless it calls for it to be silent, and even then that is abnormal, there should be a little background noise, like very soft music, that you probably can't hear or the chipping of birds or clicking of shoes and there are many points in the anime which it is just suddenly silent. It is inhuman for there to be no sound, literally that can drive us mad. Even us breathing causes sound, It was mostly when there was no talking and the characters were just standing there that this happened, sure there might have been a tweet from the birds or something but it needed more. Also voice acting is very big in this, The voice acting of a couple characters completely threw me off, like Anubis, who I thought was Baset for a long time, or Melissa her voice just did something to me, like Jaken in Inuyasha, I just couldn't stand it! Other characters it was perfect like Apollon and Balder, is anyone else sensing a trend here, if you have a character talk give them a good voice even if they aren't a major character. Next Topic!


Now this one I gave a 10/10, cause I really thought they did thier research and character design well, possibly the best they could do, first of, they did really research on the gods and they looked like what the descriptions of them say from thier stories, Loki had red hair, Thor had green, Susano had blue,(Even though i'm pretty sure the stories say he had dark blue but oh well it went with the design and was close enough). They also kept the real powers of the gods, minus a few things, like Zeus didn't really have his lightning sure they mentioned it but he almost seemed weaker then Thor in that spot for just mentioning it instead of showing it. Yui also fit a niche that if anything was different, even down to the color of her hair, she wouldn't fit, she was perfect for this spot! Sure I got a little messes up at first but once I knew their name I recognized them from the stories, which trust me, well i may not be all knowing on the topics, I know alot cause I did research, sure I called Anubis Baset once and Balder Thor, but that was because i was use to how they were traditionally displayed so I was confused. Once they told us who was who and I looked at the stories again just to re-jog my memory I knew they were right on. Next Topic/ Ending Topic!


I really loved this over all, but it did have it's flaws, so that is why i'm giving it an 8.5 overall, but still giving it 5 stars, I really want to see more from the people that made this now and i'm gonna go digging, so I gave it a higher star rating so more people can see it, but a lower review cause people might just look at the star but the really smart people will look at reviews. Now i'm gonna say something not about this but about the possible OVA's. Normally, I say never watch an OVA, I view them as episodes that the people who were writing and drawing this wanted to put in and didn't have the time or money or people from above saying no, or as a way to make money after the show has ended and actually turned out really great, just for the company to get more money, which is a no no! Don't treat your customers like dogs coming back for treats! But I'm really interested in watching these OVA, cause I think about the possibility, the people will see the response to the OVA and might give it another season, or let other shows like this be put out when they normally wouldn't let them, so go watch the OVA's if they are out and you will be handing money over to the creators, NO PIRATING IT"S BAD!

9/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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