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Kari5 Mar 17, 2021

We gave you feedback, you said you'd try following it, then you did the opposite.

Kari5 Mar 17, 2021

So far you've ignored simple feedback for character submissions by moderators, so I don't think that will be possible.

KarinXOXO Feb 28, 2021

Hi! :)

No, this is more of submissions to help with the site...adding character images or missing names etc.

Hope that helps!

KarinXOXO Feb 27, 2021

Hi! Thank you for your interest.

In order to be looked at, one must be active in regards to assisting the website. Please post submissions here under anime or manga discussion threads

Or you can do the same thing on A-P discord

The more you submit legit things, the team will notice you and will discuss on how to get you in as a moderator. I would suggest if you prefer anime over manga or vice versa, choose the one you mostly have interest in.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Best of luck!

osaka Feb 22, 2021

Answering the question-

It is hard to say because I like a lot but some of my favourites are- Honkai impact- this one is personally my number one, Genshin impact- which is also good but i like better Honkai, don't know why haha, I also like Sky: children of the light but I went through it at on day so it is hard to say what my opinion is about it haha, Identity V is super cool... and many more- basically my ultimate favourite is Honkai Imapct 3rd. 

But I wanted to start playing Overwatch and few other games like- arknights, azur lane etc.- I mean I played them before but to start it more seriously? nevermind xDD- 

If you want I recommend all of them and if you will start some of them we can always play in co-op! <3 I would always love to- but it is just a question not anything more ^^