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SecretOtaku May 24, 2020

In Tokyo Ghoul, my least favourite character is Eto, what do you think of her?

I do understand what you mean by the hate/love relationships since all characters are unqiue and have lots of flaws. 

My favouriet slice of life manga is 19 days, how about you/?

SecretOtaku May 24, 2020

Ah yes, I spent alot of time invested into that comment.  Touka is amazing and i don't understand all the hate tbh.  Apart from Touka, Is Tokyo Ghoul your favourite anime?  Apart from that what other anima do you like?

Also, who is your least favourite character in Tokyo GhOUL?

SecretOtaku May 24, 2020

I do like dark mangas/anime actually but I assume you mistook either 'romantised rape/mental issues' or 'manipulative/toxic relationships' as me saying that I disliked it perhaps?  Although I generally do like dark mangas to an extent, I do get emotionally attached to all the wrong characters so that sucks, I don't actually mind toxic relationships as long as it was solely meant to be toxic and not made into some messed up romance.

I do really like Tokyo Ghoul, not only because it is dark but because of the interesting and unique premise and story.  Have you read the manga?  I have not.  But many, if not all, say that the anime is a disappointment compared to the manga.  Even though I mentioned that I love Tokyo Ghoul anime, I have to admit that there are missed out details, characters with introductions needed and is sometimes rushed.  The first two seasons were absoulutely beautiful with the epic OP of Unravel that the first season had. 

Season 3+4 (Tokyo Ghoul;re) was poorly executed compared the the ones before.  I still do like it of course.  Touka and Kaneki's relationship was slowly and realistically progressing throughout the first two seaons only to be rushed in the third which, on one hand I was happy, but on the other hand it was quite a forced relationship.  The ending of ;re was very nice though, I cried soo much. 

Anyways, thats my opinoin, what is yours?  Btw, don't be scared to disagree with me ^^

Also, questions:  Favourite character in TG?  Least favourite?  Ships?  Favourite Kaneki as he went through his "phases" (Haise, Ghoul, centipede etc.)?

Glad you replied so quickly and feel free to tell me if I wrote too much as I don't mind shortening my comments +++

SecretOtaku May 24, 2020

Hello and thank you for the follow

I would love to chat anytime to feel free to comment on my profile with a question, opinion or just a hello!

Have a good day/night and stay safe