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the fanservice is really annoying in his anime, it should have the ecchi tag, my god every time lucy or any "busty" character is on screen they're ALWAYS on revealing clothing and somehow the story has to have lucy somehow lose her clothes or somehow get ripped or stolen by someone or the enemy. its really annoying how fanservice especially lucy is constantly shoved in your face with as much revealing as possible without being rated R+18

it might as well be soft core, they show as much skin as possible without revealing any "major parts" and only a string of line censoring, and every girl has the jiggle physics with the camera zoomed in like a pervert focusing the parts. and beach episodes and mostly girls in their underwear or in bikinis fighting, if they are not wearing it, its guaranted that you will see them atleast once in a bikini, even if they don't come across as the type.

i bet half the cast doesnt even wear underwear they just go full commando for the viewers.

i dont mind fanservice bit and there if its on the background but ive never seen a shonen or show be this much fanservice without being a fanservice anime focused. its so soft core that it feels its in the wrong genre.

i didnt start to watch this show with the intention of being fanservice focus. but years went by and story became 2nd. 

its a cheap tactic to draw viewers and illusion of having a plot.

oh and the story sucks go figure.

and the characters, potential but wasted for plot armor and asspulls and stayed 1 dimensional. 

man this series fell far down, is dissaponting how cheap it got. and the end was horribly cheap.

and the artstyle of any anime looking related to this somehow always has to have a busty blonde shoved in your face without being fully naked and just having a string of censure line cause you dont want it to be R18+

no offense to any blondes but i dont like blondes looks wise, it just specifially irked me how much it was being forced down my throat, while being cliche with the "sexy" blonde type.

animation is good no shade thrown at the animators (mostly), is the manga at fault. god this annoyed me 

2/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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