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CrimsonAbaddon Dec 30, 2019

But Light didn't know his day was coming? Nobody Shinigami was allowed to tell him and other death note owners can't see the dates of other owners

He should've killed everyone except Nier prior to their meeting because he knew everyones names. Could've instructed this on the slip he had in his watch and never bothered. Or just used a VPN and spread out the names throughout the world it could've been untrackable forever 

aryancoconut Nov 13, 2019

Thank you!! What’s your favourite series ☺️

AntaresChocobo Nov 9, 2019

Emh ... I'm replying with "only" a month late. However I want to thank you for the compliments, I should update my profile but I don't know what to write XD
I saw that you started following me so I exchange the favor!
P.S: Sorry for my English, it's not really the best

RascaI Oct 31, 2019

Thanks for sharing your reasoning! I guess I just have different standards for protagonists. I don't buy soma's motives, driven by simply arrogance and wanting to be the best, and i find his personality pretty generic. There are a lot of characters like him. I don't blame anyone for liking him though.