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kkimczyra Dec 3, 2021

It's already on my watch list, but I don't have much free time. Yes, I already heard that too and also saw the trailer. It's nice to know that you like BL animes too! And yes, BF is not labelled as BL. Yet it has a really great show and it is one of my favorites. I also like Given, and I'm excited about the OVA! Are you planning to watch more BL animes in the future? 

kkimczyra Dec 2, 2021

I'm planning to watch BSD and Jujutsu Kaisen. I agree that they are both amazing, and I can't wait to watch them. I saw some panels and theories from Tiktok, which makes me hesitate to start reading the manga because seeing them is somehow sad and, yes, painful. I'm curious, though. Do both mangas have slight differences in the anime adaptation?

kkimczyra Dec 1, 2021

Hello! Thanks for following, Flakes. I hope we can be friends! I also love Owari No Seraph, although I haven't read the manga yet since I don't have much free time. I recently watched Erased and I really enjoyed it. It has an interesting and engaging premise, and I absolutely love both the OP and ED!

phnxyz Nov 29, 2021

Totally agree, its so underrated.

BTW, welcome to anime planet! i see youre a new user, so i hope you enjoy your time here :)