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Hiya, Welcome to my profile.

I am a big anime and video game fan. Dangan Ronpa has become one of my favorite games along with Your Turn To Die. It's probably the most thought-provoking game I've ever played and I encourage everyone to check it out when they have time!

I'm more of an avid anime enjoyer than manga but there are times when the manga is even better than anime.

My favorite anime is Bleach (at the moment). I am a big IchiRuki fan/shipper but I realize that Tite Kubo intended Bleach to be action based so I keep my feelings to myself. Although, I am not a fan of IchiHime I still like Orihime as a character. It just irks me how one-sided that crush felt and how Orihime's entire character revolved around being a love interest for Ichigo.

All the animes I've rated are based on my personal enjoyment. I don't care about how hyped a series is. If I don't like it, I don't like it. That doesn't mean it will suck for everyone but it does for me.

Anime's I like: 

-Demon Slayer

-Attack on Titan


-Hunter X Hunter

-Kaguya Sama Love is War

-Fairy Tail


-Golden Time

-Sket Dance

Manga's I like: 

-My dress up darling

-Chainsaw man

-Kimi ni Todoke

-Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

-Jujutsu Kaisen 




-Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions

Best Boys:

    Kurosaki Ichigo - One of the prettiest smiles of animes | Personagens de  anime, Anime, Bleach personagens    𝗆𝗂𝗒𝖺𝗆𝗎𝗋𝖺 𝗂𝗓𝗎𝗆𝗂 | 𝗁𝗈𝗋𝗂𝗆𝗂𝗒𝖺 | Horimiya, Best anime  shows, Cute anime guys     ┊↺❛ 𝑶𝒕𝒐𝒔𝒂𝒌𝒂 ❜⤨┊ ⤷ 𝐀𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐞: 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒐?… | Gambar anime, Gambar,  Gadis manga  Jellal icon | Anime, Fairy tales, Fairy tail whatever the fuck — Inosuke Profile Pics - Kimetsu no Yaiba      Pin en anime icons | ☁️                                     

Best Girls:

  Shinobu Shinobu Kocho GIF - Shinobu Shinobu Kocho Kocho Shinobu - Discover  & Share GIFs  Nao Anime GIFs | Tenor Marin Kitagawa GIF - Marin Kitagawa Marin Kitagawa - Discover & Share GIFs

  Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) by NightmareXUnsworth on DeviantArt  wts] kaede akamatsu full cosplay danganronpa, Hobbies & Toys, Memorabilia &  Collectibles, J-pop on Carousell  love is war #kaguya shinomiya #anime #mypost #mypost:kaguya sama カグラ  @a-titty-ninja    


kochou shinobu and tomioka giyuu (kimetsu no yaiba) drawn by  carrot_(robosquat) | Danbooru  Nori on Twitter: Rukia… I love you. #BLEACH #BLEACH_anime #IchigoKurosaki  #rukia #anime #fanart #digitalart #IchiRuki /  Twitter  Pin on Attack on Titan

 Tomioka Giyu x Kocho Shinobu                               Ichigo Kurosaki x Rukia Kuchiki                                          Eren Yaeger x Mikasa Ackerman

           (Demon Slayer)                                                                 (Bleach)                                                                             (Attack on Titan)

Levihan Levi And Hange GIF - Levihan Levi And Hange Attack On Titan -  Discover & Share GIFs                Pin by Deni on Gif | Charlotte anime, Anime, Charlotte yuu

                             Levi Ackerman x Hange Zoe                                                                                                   Yuu Otosaka x Nao Tomori

                                    (Attack on Titan)                                                                                                                     (Charlotte)


 Fairy Tail Creator Cozies Up Natsu and Lucy in New Sketch     gray fullbuster and juvia lockser (fairy tail) drawn by mashima_hiro   erza scarlet and jellal fernandes (fairy tail) drawn by mashima_hiro                                                                       

      Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia                                               Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser                                 Jellal Fernandez x Erza Scarlet

                      (Fairy Tail)                                                                                 (Fairy Tail)                                                                   (Fairy Tail)   


All the fairy tail arts are made by the creator so its basically official XD 

How much sooner would have NaruHina become Canon if Naruto and Hinata had  been on the same team as each other (whether on Team 7 or Team 8)? - Quora  christa renz and ymir (shingeki no kyojin) drawn by ma2_ereki   Image

               Naruto Uzumaki x Hinata Hyuga                                                  Historia x Ymir                                Shuichi Saihara x Kaede Akamatsu

                           (Naruto)                                                                         (Attack on Titan)                                                                   (Danganronpa )   

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Corniffy May 31, 2023

I get what your saying he didnt realy fallow his motives vary well,I persionaly founf him entertaining but i completly understand where your coming from

Also judar isnt very prominent till the end of season 1 and mid to end of season 2 but you will probebly like him more magi needs a season 3

Also agian sinbad is wayyyyyy cooler in season 2 like way cooler.

Corniffy Apr 20, 2023

 W human the only thing i have tio ask is why dont u like suzaku and sunbad? Also w for ranking magi so high crimianly underrated animanga

ABHIROOP1024 Mar 23, 2023

So I see u dont want to converse in Bengali! Fine by me! English it is then.

idk why! But a couple of days ago I came across a Bangladeshi Anime Fan on this Platform and she was also not interested in conversing in Bengali even tho its our Mother Tongue! Is everybody like that when they get online I wonder?

For the First Part, I haven't watched DEMON SLAYER yet but will watch it in the near Future i suppose! and MANI SQURE MALL is really very close to my Home! I didnt know they premiere Animes! If SUZUME is going to get released in there! Im definitely coming^^

I dont know if Suzume is better or not! But the Ratings say YOUR NAME is superior! Apart from that, what makes a Show GOOD-GREAT-BAD-WORST is all upto the indivdul right? What you absolutely love may not be as pleasing as it is to me! So it differs! For me YOUR NAME was the very First Show which forces me to explore the ANIMATION MEDIUM and I never regret it! Im absolutely obsessed with YOUR NAME so its quite difficult for any show to surpass by experience with Your Name haha^^

For the Fifth Part, Yes the least expected one of all the QUINTUPLETS won, I wasnt expecting that tho! But condolences what for?😂 I'm not into those Waifu Stuffs, I prefer 3D Girls more over those 2D ones xD!

Long Long ago I love one of those 2D Charcters(SAKURA from I want to eat your Pancreas) but unfortunately she is dead! And after that, I really didnt get attached to any of the 2D Characters! They're Fiction aren't they?

Then for the 9th part, i havent watched FAIRY TAIL yet but it is in my WANT TO WATCH LIST, is it good tho? Is it worth checking out?

Next is the 10th part, i see you dont like REM thats interesting! But, for me I dont like entire RE ZERO!😂 I dont hate it but dont love it either! I didnt drop it off completely watched it! But dont know it feel kinda repetitive to me and i absolutely dont like that Subaru guy ewwwwwww! Sorry, if you a RE ZERO Fan but there may be a Difference in Preference i guess!

And the Last Part 11th, I see u like KOUKO KAGA! I absolutely also love the Character but how come u love her?🥴 I mean you're a Girl right? Yeah your Profile says you're one! Then how come you like a character like Kouko Kaga? I mean she was simping for BANRI the entire time! BANRI this-BANRI that all the time! Its like she got nothing better to do apart from babysitting BANRI!

And thats absolutely a Dream come true for Guys like us! They will absolutely fall head over heels for a Girl who gave them so much attention but how come a Real Life Girl like such kind of Fantasies!😂 Yeah it is Fantasy right? There are absolutely no Girls like KOUKO in Real Life! 

So how come you like her? She was also portrayed so weak, always depending on a Man by her side blah-blah-blah! But Now-a-days Women Empowerment is like everywhere supporting NARI SAKTI and all that!

I thought Women now-a-days absolutely hate such kind of Charcacter but guess I was Wrong there!

Whoaa! Wrote an entire Paragraph! Dont know if you'll ever read it to the end! nd thats all! 

I apologise if Ive said anything inappropriate or violating! Have a Good Day or Night whatever!

ABHIROOP1024 Mar 21, 2023

I see you're from West Bengal! a Bengali then? Thats pretty Rare! Guess I dont have to type in English anymore!

Okay! Amio SUZUME NO TORI er jonno excited but amr kacha-kachi PVR neii, INOX ache, but INOX e Anime release kore ki?

R Fav Character? Tough question! Prochur royeche! Prottek Series e keu na keu Favourite thke! 

To jodi choose korte hoy! Then 

1. EREN from AOT, dont like MIKASA that much!

2. LENA and SHIN both from 86


4. both MITSUHA and TAKI from YOUR NAME 

5. AYANOKOJI ke na valobshe!



8. KONOSUBA er entire cast amr fav.

9. JJK er 3te Main Character along with Gojou and NANAMI 

Byass! Koyekta Popular Show er theke bollam!

and thats all! See yaaa.....

ABHIROOP1024 Mar 8, 2023

Hey! Thanks for the Follow First! I followed u back:)

I see you're from India, it's pretty Rare to get a fellow Indian Anime Fan here! So, Im from THE CITY OF JOY! and you' are?