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StayUpThere Nov 25, 2014

My bad for the late reply bro. But yes i did get around to watching Hanamonogatari, it was pretty good in my opinion. Houtarou is a really good character, among my favorites. How have you been? Its been a long time!!!! Once again sorry for the super late reply ;)

StayUpThere Aug 23, 2014

Thats good to hear. What Houtarou is one of your favorite anime characters?? Monogatari is one of my favorite anime series :D especially Monogatari the Second Season even thought its really like the third season. I wonder whats going on with Hanamonogatari.. 

StayUpThere Aug 19, 2014

Thanks man!! ( ゚ヮ゚)

Yes that is Houtarou :) 


Wow its been a while since I heard from you, how have you been? Watch any good anime lately??

Sianeka Aug 8, 2014

I have added you as a WECO Club Supporter - thank you for joining up! Club Supporters are important members of the club. Their endorsement really benefits the club by boosting morale, and by helping to increase the club’s reputation and visibility on the site!

(If you want, feel free to use a WECO banner in your forum signature or on your profile page. They are here, if you want one, but no obligation to use one if you don't wish to.)

(Note: if you ever want to become even more involved and start greeting new members as part of club participation, let me know and I can send you information about becoming a Greeter. But no obligations - having you as a Supporter is great, too!)