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StayUpThere May 7, 2015

Its been alright, ive been playing alot of JRPGs, Visual Novels, and Chess as of lately. That is pretty much the reason I wasnt online for a while. How have you been? Me die..? Bwaahaaahaa, impossible! I am an immortal after all. Glad to be back!

StayUpThere Apr 28, 2015

Hello, im back from the grave :3

StayUpThere Dec 20, 2014

Finally found a plce to watch Love Live 2!! Who would thought Crunchyroll would have that show.. I go to a trade school part time for animation :3 Sadly I havnt had much time to watch K-On! but I have seen the first few episodes and I can already tell imma love that show!! Sorry for the late response but I should have alot of free time for the next two weeks because Winter Break started!! Time to watch alot of anime and play some games!! :)

StayUpThere Dec 1, 2014

Worth changing your ava worth it!! Ahh KissAnime I use to watch anime on that site, but im too use to perfect quality to go back :x

It is also my last year is High School I cant wait to get out! I always follow each season too and try to watch a few episodes of each new show that seems interesting to see if I would like it. I will most deff enjoy Love Live 2 if I can find a torrent with good quality, but if worse comes to worse imma have to go with KissAnime. Maki is kewl gotta love her voice :3

StayUpThere Nov 27, 2014

I am most deff looking forward to Tsukimonogatari aswell!! Yea he really is a great character and another season would be much appreciated. Btw how did you watch Love Live 2, I saw the first season I while back but I can never find a torrent with good quality for the 2nd season. Or even just a web site with good quality... Ive been fine lately but I dont have as much free time as I would like, so I cant watch as much anime as I would like. Other than that things have been going well. How about you?