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Just a tipical human being that loves Gaming, Anime, Off Roading, and Japan


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Working on vehicles, Fixing/working on my Tundra, Off Roading, Shooting, Video Games, Anime, Manga, and Japan

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Tacos Apr 7, 2012

well yer getting there but i think yew have it backwards i'd like to look at 3D but 2D is someone i can physically touch so i prefer them for that reason lol and no i only have a ps3 i'm not much of an x-box fan and nope sorry i dont like those types of games i'm more of a kh, catherine, or wet fan lol and as for my ps3 name its the same as waaaay back on justdubs and most other sites i use lol its thedarkskycries of course lol

Tacos Apr 5, 2012

yeah well its not that i don't fancy a good 3d male but i just see it easier with a 2d and i don't actually like them i just like the idea of being with them if that makes sense..i'm a very guarded person adn distrust most of humanity. lol and yes i have a ps3 again sorry it took so long i trend to lose track of my ap account lol

Tacos Jan 30, 2012

Yeah i get it lol sorry it took me so long to reply i haev been busy alot laterly lol. I totally understand yer love for the 2d because i feel the same way though tbh i can accept a 3d male if he is willing to ubderstand my facination with the anime world. I alos agree with yer abstinance poitn i too believe it is the best course of action. However i believe its unfair for yew to strictly press out all 3dfemale influence. lets say hypothetically we were to met in person and we were to talk about anime all the time and carry on and on for hours about which anime we watch and our various opinions on the characters and plot line the art etc. and even as far as to how we cosplay (if yew cosplay i'd like to but their just so expensive to get authentic ones *sigh* its sad TT_TT) that yew wouldnt even be willing to give me or any other 3d female with the same such taste a chance simply because the 2d are physically perfect and such. BUT thats just my personal opinion, if thats the way yew choose to live i have no right to judge and i fully support yew i am merely saying i think yew should give some of the 3d females a small chance thats all lol please dont take any of this personally and or offensively. I meant o harm in sharing my opinion with yew :) All the same i wish yew happiness in life

Tacos Nov 29, 2011

Yeah lol ik i just saw yers lol and yeah but it was a lil confusing but i'm used to subs so i got it towards the middle lol it wqas pretty amazing

Tacos Nov 13, 2011

yo been awhile huh lol, anyways i saw yer finally watching chaos;heads. I personally loved it but let me know what ya think about when ya finish it kay :b ttys BYES! ^.^