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Tacos Jul 14, 2012

yeah lol i forget my name hold on lemme think *thinking* oh thats right its thedarkskycries lol same as justdubs lol and i want one lol i demoed one in bust buy greatest thing ever

Tacos Jul 7, 2012

no catherine isn't a mystery its a puzzle game and interactive gave where the choices yew pick for vincent (the maion character) determines the outcome of who he ends up with in teh game his girlfriend Katherine or the new girl Catherine its pretty intresting and wet is pretty good to its the only game that has 3rd person shooting i like and the range of her moves yew can use throughout the game makes it more enjoyable i liked it

Tacos Jul 4, 2012

lol okay well i'll start from ps2 and work up i have scooby-doo night of 100 frights, monster truck rally, sprint cars, pac man world 2, hot wheels (most of these are due to i was 10 at the time lol) yu-gi-oh the duelest of the rose, sly cooper 1,2,and 3, guitar hero 3 and metalica, and of course the all famous kingdom hearts series which includes 1,2, and cahin of memories for the ps2. for ps3 i have catherine, wet, hyperdrive neptunia, and lollipop chainsaw

Tacos Jul 3, 2012

are yew asking the names or what? lol i'm a tad confused

Tacos Jun 29, 2012

not to many i have 4 as of recently but i usually just borow my friends games. i'm really picky about my games. oh sorry it took so long btw my apologies