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Tacos Jul 26, 2012

its  apart time and idk whenever i get around to it i guess lol and shes Noire (Black Heart) from hyperseminsion neptunia

Tacos Jul 25, 2012

i could buy one whenever i make 100 a week so its not bad for a 12 hour part time job lol and yeah i do get trophies i just get around to it whenever i play through and get what i can along the way so i go back and get whats left later lol

Tacos Jul 22, 2012

i did lol i was busy but yeah i dont have enough money when i think about it i spent most of it so i dont have enough money left over for it and i go back and fourth though right now i'm more into anime cause i havent found a new game cause i beat lollipop once already not into going again just yet

Tacos Jul 18, 2012

nah i have a job i mean to cheap to go out and buy one lol i dont have a bunch of friends on my ps3 anyways lol maybe when i get more i'll buy one. and her lol yeah i bought her of psn with a gift card my friend game me the ones that came with it were stupid lol i have a bunch of them though

Tacos Jul 17, 2012

lol okay cool and no lol i god the eariler model so no i have to buy a mic and i'm to cheap lol