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ArcticNinja21 Nov 23, 2013

Sorry, I hope you don't think I was being rude or anything. Was just answering your question. How do you feel about the others?

ArcticNinja21 Nov 23, 2013

Hello. I seen your comment on Neptune, and responded.

Tacos Aug 8, 2012

i'm not a big fan of turn based games lol

Tacos Jul 27, 2012

lol tb short for turn base and i mean i like it it just takes to long to go around and around gets boring after a while and yeah of course the whole game is turn based why wouldn't it be?

Tacos Jul 27, 2012

yes its in america and its okay i guess lol it turn base i'm not a big fan of tb lol but thats just me and its japan's style so lol