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ArcticNinja21 Nov 25, 2013

I'm the same as you. I'm shy and have autism too. My shyness kinda got worse though, even though I was brave enough to create my own community more than once and act silly around people sometimes lol

Not sure if I added you right. My PS3 has been acting funny lately not showing friends that are online. I had to delete one guy and then add him back.

ArcticNinja21 Nov 25, 2013

I usually accept random people if we at least have games in common. I try to talk to and get to know everyone I add. A lot of strangers added me thanks to that Toro's Friend Network app for the PS Vita. I don't use that app anymore and need to get rid of the users that added me through it that never bothered to speak to me or anything. I regret playing it, but I met a few cool people through it.

ArcticNinja21 Nov 25, 2013

Ah, thanks! Yeah, I wish this place had private messages. My PSN is the same name I use here, ArcticNinja21.

ArcticNinja21 Nov 25, 2013

Would you mind sharing with me some of those sites? This is pretty much the only one I know of

ArcticNinja21 Nov 25, 2013

Oh so that one I linked to is in English somewhere? O_O

I'm trying to learn Japanese as well. I have text books, but I get so lazy that I hardly take time to go through them.