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I adore these characters


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natanickii Jan 24, 2021

Yeah I see your point but the extent to which he monopolises things, considering the fact that generations of people have dedicated themselves to the tower and have a lot more power than MC, doesn't really make sense. He became stronger by repeating the tutorial but this could have easily been achieved by anyone else.  Also the comparison made between this and the Kardashains transcends whether it's reality or not - trash is trash and is addictive, quality rarely matters. 

natanickii Jan 21, 2021

His powers don't make sense AT ALL. The only reason he managed to get so powerful was because he knew how all the floors work because his brother told him. That should definitely be a handicap for him because if the floors are the same every time, other people who had been groomed since birth to climb the tower would have done a much better job than the MC, considering that they also started off more powerful. The fact that the MC monopolises the artifacts in the beginning makes ZERO sense and so does people throwing away the key. 

And no, what I said wasn't contradictory at all. People love satisfying trash. There's a reason the Kardashians are famous and it's not because people think they have a great storyline, but rather because it's easy to digest and satisfying. The same applies to this. It's very cliche and there's virtually nothing unique about it, from the characters to the setting. It just has a certain addictive quality because of the power fantasy.