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TJCanterbury Aug 25, 2015

I'm a bit late in replying to you but thanks for the lovely welcome :)

Sianeka Aug 25, 2015

(No pressure - it's totally fine if you want to remain as a Club Supporter instead of being a Greeter.)

Sianeka Aug 25, 2015

I've been seeing you leave some  independent welcomes to members on the site (I'm happy to see it!) and am wondering why you never responded to becoming a WECO Greeter?  I understand if the club's procedures may feel a bit too structured for you and you'd rather remain doing independent greetings, but your feedback as to why you didn't decide to become a WECO Greeter is important for me, so if you would share your reasons, I would appreciate it.

Teluge Aug 20, 2015

Thanks alot hun, I'll remember that ^_^