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Helrul93 Sep 13, 2015

Well, thanks for the welcome, i did not expetc to anybody here to actually talk to me. ewe"

The character on my avatar is Dlanor A. Knox, from the visual novel Umineko no naku koro ni chiru (The second part)

I hope that we will see each other more in this site.

Also.... how do you put an image or a gif in the coments? u.u"

Nauk7g Sep 9, 2015

Thanks for the comment! :)

Ragingfire Sep 8, 2015

It really looks like a great website indeed

Doragonenjeru Sep 7, 2015

Hey, thx for the welcome. Let's hope we can find some Animes we haven't watched already with this website. A website like this is new to me but I hope I'm getting used to it soon enough :)