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I go through years of binge-watching anime followed by years of watching no anime at all. I've got a lot to catch up on, hence the number of older anime I am currently watching that came out during my no-watch phase.

I will watch any type of anime really but have an aversion to excessively cute ones. An anime can be mind-numbingly boring or an absolute piece of trash and I will still watch it if it's pretty to look at and not 100+ episodes. 

Side note:  Binge-watching anime and falling into the K-drama hole at the same time is NOT GOOD. Curse you pandemic!

2nd side note:  My stalled animes are not stalled. I've already watched them, just not this year, so I put them there to not screw up the challenge counts.

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04TJ Jun 13, 2021

( ✧Д✧) YES!! Exactly( 。>‿‿<。 ) when Benimaru fight I'm at the edge of my sit.