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My name is Joel, I'm a 17 year old teen living in Australia. If I had to describe myself, I would say I'm extremely boring to talk to, tall asf and have a terrible sense of humour. I am a massive fan of anime and manga, and you could say that they have taken over my life completely. My favourite genres are shounen, horror, mystery, action and comedy, but I have enjoyed something from pretty much everything. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know. I'd love to hear from you!!

Apart from watching anime and failing at school, I love to read, watch TV shows, play videogames and waste my life on the internet 24/7. Some of my faves atm are The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Horizon Zero Dawn, Overwatch, The Last Of Us, etc.

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jypsel Jul 12, 2020

LMAO, so what you’re saying is that she’d be Jeffree Star?  LOLOLOL.  Constantly cancelled and yet never disappears.  I don’t think she’s that bad, though, to be honest.  From what I remember early on, her Instagram profile was kind of just bland and normal Insta-Celebrity garbage.   I saw in the Feed that you’ve been reading Battle Angel Alita!  How have you been liking it?  I’ve never read it.  I’m currently reading a new GL (who’s surprised) called Ghosts of Greywoods.  It’s very interesting so far, very eerie!  It reminds me slightly of Getting to Know Grace, which I adored, so I’m hoping for great things.

Oh man, it’s great you can write in Japanese! When I was studying it, I mastered hiragana and got halfway through katana, but screw kanji, LOL!  I really want to read Murakami in his original language, too, so I know one day I’m going to have to sit down and really study kanji.  I wonder if we have a type of language competition here, but I don’t think so.  The US is pretty “English only” and that mentality has caused a lot of problems.

LMAO!  I hope he was joking – I’m sure he was.  An entire bottle of wine would have the words swimming in front of me.  I usually drink a glass or two and pace myself so I don’t grade incorrectly.  And for sure, drinking wine is a teacher thing. I think every colleague I’ve ever worked with drinks at least a glass when they get home.  After dealing with rowdy teens all day, we need something to calm our nerves, LOL!

I haven’t read Only the Animals…is that an Aussie author? Ceridwen sounds Welsh, though.  I can tell you an entire Literature curriculum for high school.  I wonder if you’ve read these?

Grade 9:

To Kill a Mockingbird

Animal Farm         

The Odyssey

Of Mice and Men

Romeo and Juliet

Grade 10:

Lord of the Flies

Julius Caesar


The Old Man and the Sea

The Tempest

(For the higher grades, it’s dependent on if you’re in normal, honors or AP, usually, but I’ll put a rough list for a normal class.)

Grade 11:


Their Eyes Were Watching God

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Crucible

The Scarlet Letter

Grade 12:

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Canterbury Tales




(I put in bold the ones I’ve taught.  Since I teach at a private school, we don’t follow the traditional lists and I have a lot of freedom in choosing which books to teach.)

Of course, higher level classes might read Wuthering Heights, Madame Bovary, Grapes of Wrath, etc.  I gave the standard “normal” level lists.   Any of those familiar?  I’d imagine you guys read Shakespeare, LOL.  He’s pretty universal.  Weirdly enough, we don’t really read Jane Austen in high school.  I’ve certainly never taught her.  She’s a fascinating lady, though, you’re right.  Northanger Abbey is so messed up, LOL.  Jokes about dying babies in there.

Florida was just told that all teachers and students are mandated to return back to classes in August and that wearing a mask is not a requirement.  Can you believe that bull?  I’m furious.  How many teachers will catch COVID and then we all have to quarantine and then we have to shut down again.  Furthermore, DeSantis, our stupid representative, said he will not fund online learning.  Our leaders are so evil.

Hmmm, for BNA, I think probably Shiro was my favorite because I’m boring. LOL!  But I also loved Nina, her excitement was infectious.  Who was your favorite character?  Currently, I’ve been doing the Anime Bingo Challenge and one of my boxes was to watch an anime I dropped.  I chose Junjou Romantica and holy moly, this show is trash and I actually drank half a bottle of wine trying to get through it, LOL!

CptMysticStirling Jul 11, 2020

Just remember, in fiction, there is usually (an overly) dramatic reason why characters are like that and so do people in real life too. The difference is, the studio or author are the ones who control their actions so each exaggeration can either be acceptable or painful for the audience which Mystic was the latter at the start. Never hated Taiga, but if overall portrayal of the character was the argument, will definitely place her on average.

Ohh, never knew Nisekoi had different studios and that is risky. Did they divert from the source, or was the company really just bad at adapting? Yes, there is some hate going about which was how Mystic first heard of it. Dunno if Mystic will watch it all considering the busy schedule. But might prioritize Akame ga Kill's manga after sorting out Mystic schedule. Its main theme holds true to Mystic to this day! Against war, but revolutions... Debatable 

Oda Nobuna no Yabou - Imagine being transported back to WW2, but then you find out most of your favorite heroes are now girls?! Churchill-chan Rommel-sama, etc. xD And the MC is brave enough to give out his life to make sure some events that were horrible never happened which keeps the plot moving around him! Okay imagine that, but in Sengoku period Japan! Oda, one who reunites japan, is now a tsundere! The show basically boils down to "To be, or not limited to be!" because it is a harem, but also not a harem at times? A balanced fan service too! Actually, know anymore (harem) animes with an alpha mc? 

Somewhat interesting idea for School Live to get an aftermath story, but already satisfied with how the manga ended. Cried a river from the manga... Will try to watch the anime. Tired of the Walking Dead. It is like Re:Zero - a long spike of comfort and suffering - except Re:zero brings more emotional weight to the table IMO. Actually, please watch the Honest Trailers of Walking Dead as a good argument why it gets tiring. Hope to read Assasination Classroom one day. Love the concept and themes. Spicing up the slice of life genre 5 times! How much did the anime skip? No spoilers!

Hmm... Never really felt like shipping Saki and Sakura. Just another moe anime, but more interesting than most with their twists. So after looking at people actually shipping them, it is probably the biggest twist Mystic has seen of the show xD. Plus, the ending revelation of you know who (to try to keep it spoiler free) makes it all the more interesting as the show might already have a plan for Sakura. If there was a ship Mystic thought would develop unoffcially, it was probably Ai and Junko. Is Saki x Sakura more relevant?

jypsel Jul 8, 2020

Jia is my favorite character, too.  I think Remi just kind of represents the kind of person who was bullied their whole life and then they cling to the one thing that gives them as a sense of identity: in her case, Instagram.  If you’re enjoying Domestic Girlfriend, if Marmalade Boy is similar, then I super recommend it.  Granted, I read it like 15 years ago so maybe I’m looking at it through rose-colored lenses but I read and re-read than manga so many times when I was a kid!

OzCLO?  What is that?  What language did you compete in?  I’m guessing Japanese since you’ve mentioned that you’re learning it.  Do you study any other languages?  It’s so interesting how we’re both English-speakers but we’re offered different languages based on where we live and who surrounds us.  Japanese lessons in school in the US is unheard of.  We have Spanish, predominantly, then sometimes French or Germany.  (Also, Latin.)

I’ve studied Spanish and I can speak it relatively well.  I was in El Salvador not too long ago and got by okay, but I could certainly use more practice and study!  I’m currently studying Latin for my next graduate program, and I will be studying Greek and Hebrew at the University of Jerusalem in about a month.  (Online, of course.)  The Greek is in preparation for my next graduate program, too.  It’s in Classics so an understanding of Latin and Greek is a must, especially because we have to transcribe old texts.  The Hebrew is so I can talk to more parents at my school – we have a lot of Israeli students and parents and their parents don’t speak or understand English very well. 

I’ve also studied French in the far past.  As a child, I would’ve been considered pretty fluent, but I lost it because I never use it.  I can understand it…okay…but I have to really be paying attention.  I also studied Japanese with a tutor for awhile and I got pretty good at understanding it! (Writing it…nope!)  I could even watch anime without subtitles but I’ve lost that, too.  My program requires a modern language, so I’ll probably end up studying French again as they don’t accept Spanish (which is weird). 

I’d love to study Russian and Icelandic.  Icelandic is so close to Old Norse and I’m fascinated by dead languages.  Are there any that you really want to study in the future?

Holy moly, your teachers must have a boatload of essays to grade, LOL!  I have to make a thing of it – get some wine, some nice music and then grade for hours on end, haha.  And yeah, I’ve found myself accidentally doing grading bias too, mostly when I’ve graded a bagillion essays and I start realizing I’m grading easier than I should be so I have to go back.  Something that helps is a rubric because then you are reminded of the standards the students must’ve mastered in their essays.  Now that I use the state rubric, it’s been much better.  But that’s for teachers who accidentally do it, not for teachers who purposefully do it.  Teachers who purposefully mess with grades and give worse/better grades to students when they shouldn’t should be under investigation, in my opinion. 

Yes!  Tennessee Williams is so good!  I really recommend The Glass Menagerie, if you haven’t read it yet.  Actually, since I’m in the US and you’re in AUS…we must have different reading curriculums, I’d imagine!  For example, would you have read Of Mice and Men or To Kill a Mockingbird?  We study those under the American Literature portion of our classes.  What books have you read during your time in HS? Maybe I can get some good recommendations for me to read.

It’s terrible.  On top of Disney reopening, all public schools will open in August, regardless of the fact that the pandemic is rising.  My school is a private school so I’m not sure what they’ve decided but this Is the dumbest thing.  If someone tests positive, they get paid, but everyone else has to quarantine and they DON’T get paid. So you’re going to have to be rotating teachers and subs all year and it’s ridiculous and will cost everyone money and be harmful for the students’ education.  Just do distance learning.  Jesus Christ, it’s not that hard. I don’t love teaching online but it’s better than getting sick. 

Oh, you’re right!  Fire Force is by David Productions, I just looked it up.  I just finished Brand New Animal – I can’t remember if you’d told me if you’d seen it – and I really loved it!  Today the first episode for Re:Zero season 2 dropped and Deca-Dence.  I like Re:Zero enough so it was enjoyable, but whoa…Deca-Dence looks like it’s going to be awesome.  I really recommend it if you haven’t put it on your list.  The first episode started with a bang!

And I totally understand.  I've never done a seasonal challenge before so we'll see how it goes, but I was able to get the year one done pretty fast.  (Because of anime movies and music videos,, if I'm being totally honest, LOL!) 

OkamiHime95 Jul 7, 2020

I don't watch anything with Ecchi, so... (The only time I ever do is for the anime planet bingo challenge when I get an Ecchi square, but even then, I dread it. That stuff just ain't for me, but then again I'm a woman, so there's that lol. xD ) It's fine if other people like it though.

This might seem dumb, but I don't pay attention to Studio names, (other than Ghibli & Pierrot) so if someone were to ask me what studio made so & so, I'd be like "Google is your friend." Lmao. In actuality though, it's hard for me to remember what studio made what, since there is so many. ^^;

jypsel Jul 7, 2020

Ah, I’ve considered that too and I really hope not!  I think it would be a bit of character assassination on Jia’s part to have her be the ultimate bad guy and it would just kind of reinforce the fact that Remi has no one in her life that she can trust.  I’d like to see Jia come back and whoop some ass, tbh! LOL!

Wait, they’re step-siblings?  Well…that’s not incest at all, whether they grew up together or not.  It can be uncomfortable for some, but it’s not incest.  Have you ever read Marmalade Boy?  They were step-siblings, too, and that didn’t seem to matter, haha.   If that’s the only criticism coming out about Citrus, then it’s a little weak.

LISTEN, the girl who played Lexa is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my life and I, too, have a huge crush on her, haha!  I only saw the spin-off for The Walking Dead because of her.  I was never able to get into the show.  (Which, I know, I know!  All of my friends love it and for some reason I just haven’t been able to get into it.)

I think the reason that teachers act like exams are the end all, be all is because those tests are technically the first thing that universities look at.  That’s why when I have students who don’t necessarily test well or who I know are maybe a little behind where they should be academically, I recommend that they do a lot of community service and get involved with a variety of extracurriculars so that they will seem well-rounded and be a more competitive candidate.  Grades are also an important part, too, although not as important as scores since those are meant to be objective and even the best teacher is subject to grading bias.  (Which can be anything from a teacher giving a better grade to a student because they like that student – I’ve seen this happen – to a teacher being tougher on grading the first couple essays and then more relaxed on the last few due to exhaustion; the reverse can happen, too.) 

My students often tell me that essays are the hardest which is why I make them write a boatload of them, LOL.  They complain but always, by the end of the year, they’re grateful that I was tough on them about it.   When you get to college, they’re not going to care if your grammar is bad or if your essay could’ve been better if you did xyz, they’re just going to fail you.  Better to get all the advice you can when you’re still in high school and all the practice you can, too.  My former students who went off to different schools have even complained that they don’t feel like they’re writing enough and therefore don’t feel like they’re prepared for college or even their standardized test (ours has a writing portion).  It frustrates me when I hear them say that because I feel like they’re having their education stolen from them.  You want the honest-to-God truth why the majority of Literature teachers don’t want to make their students write essays? Because they don’t want to grade them.  It’s really time-intensive to grade 120 essays, I get it (because I do it!), but when you’re being paid, even if it’s underpaid, to teach the next generation?  Suck it up, assign essays, and friggin’ grade them!  I get so heated when I see teachers doing a piss poor job and therefore just went off on a tangent about it.  Sorry! LOL!

Oh, The Outsiders is a beautiful story written by S.E Hinton when she was only 16.  It’s about a group of boys who are judged based on their lack of wealth and the hardships they go through.  I really recommend it.  You could probably read it in an hour – I usually do it with grade 7, it’s a quick and easy read.  If you can get your hands on a copy, I definitely recommend it.  I cry every time I teach it.

So, you’re finishing your last year of high school, right? So, does that mean that you don’t have to take the ATAR?  That’s fantastic!  I’m sure you’ll get good recommendations.  I don’t know of many teachers who want to write bad ones, it wouldn’t bring me joy to write a bad one, I would just tell the student I didn’t feel comfortable writing one in general.  So if they agree to it, I’m sure it’ll be great. 

I just looked up COVID-19 cases in Florida and they are booming drastically and you want to know the absolutely terrible thing?  They’re re-opening Disney World.  We are at over 100k deaths in the US and now FL is gearing up to be the next NY.  (New York had so many deaths they were keeping bodies in ice trucks because they couldn’t bury them due to the virus. Is that not awful?)  I can’t believe that corporate greed is this awful.  I have friends who work at Disney and I’m very concerned, especially since my friend who works at Wal-Mart tested positive.  I’m so grateful that the school I work for actually closed and moved to distance learning earlier than the rest of our district.  I began quarantine about two weeks before my roommate’s company shut down and three weeks before her boyfriend’s did.  I just get so frustrated when I look at how the death toll keeps rising and yet they’re actually opening up Disney World and putting so many people at risk.  We can rebuild our economy; we can’t revive the dead.

Haha, isn’t Fire Force also by Studio Trigger, like Brand New Animal, Promare, Kill La Kill, etc.? I would need to watch the first season but I heard it’s pretty good!  When I first became a moderator on here (I’m technically still a trainee), one of my first assignments was to add the voice actors to The God of High School so I’m watching that out of loyalty, if anything!  Haha. I haven’t read the webtoon.

I’m also going to watch Re:ZERO, Deca-Dence caught my attention, too, as did Gibiate and Japan Sinks 2020.   Are you going to join the summer anime challenge?