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My name is Joel, I'm a 18 year old living in Australia. If I had to describe myself, I would say I'm extremely boring to talk to, tall asf and have a terrible sense of humour. I am a massive fan of anime and manga, and you could say that they have taken over my life completely. My favourite genres are shounen, horror, mystery, action and comedy, but I have enjoyed something from pretty much everything. If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know. I'd love to hear from you!!

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games: horizon zero dawn | tlou | rdr | danganronpa | until dawn

tv shows: the walking dead | stranger things | dead to me | caos | the mandalorian

artists: billie eilish | nicki minaj | doja cat | tøp | melanie martinez | blackbear

kpop groups: loona | stray kids | blackpink | txt | twice | itzy | cherry bullet | victon

biases: jinsoul | felix | rosé | beomgyu | momo | yeji | haeyoon | subin


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“If you bottle up your sadness too much, you’ll forget what’s really important.”

– Yuki Takeya

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zerotwokc Jan 26, 2021

hey! thank you sm for the follow

CptMysticStirling Jan 15, 2021

Am late as always. Sent the request. And yeah, got Akudama Drive on want to watch ages ago. For now, might do Kakegurui. Took a break form From the New World. Already a hassle new year with all these anime sequel releases! That and the occasional GL readings people suggest Mystic

Out of curiosity, read Jobless Reincarnation? There has a fuzz about it on the anime years prior. Am still not sure what it is going to be about

ReviewBonfire Jan 8, 2021

I totally agree with you.

This approach was necessary to demonstrate his fall and change.

These are mostly those Snowflaked who feel provoked, who don't understand that Shield Hero actually belongs in the category of "Dark Fantasy" and the novel was even more bitter.

If such people were to look at Beserk or Goblin Slayer, they would generally only give them 1/10 ratings.

A new manga has recently come out that resembles Shield Hero. And there the protagonist is about 10 times more vicious because he was completely engulfed in hatred.

ReviewBonfire Jan 5, 2021

"The people hating on him obviously haven't watched the anime and missed the entire point of his character "

- Your Comment on Naofumi Character

I agree with you. People like this will always exist. Its mostly not because they really hate him, but they dislike the show and hate it. Or they are Elitists and do it because its not what they expected.

Jaycii Dec 16, 2020

Hunter x Hunter's one of the better shounen anime out there and Jujutsu Kaisen is pretty good so far as well. 

My favorite characters in Akudama Drive are Courier, Cutthroat, and Swindler. For Made In Abyss, I like Reg.