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The first chapter was quite confusing but when the story started, it was amazing! The funny part was when the mc's best freind ADORE her soooooo much she even wanted to get married (i think)! However, i think it's a bit too unfair to the mc for not being a bit more prettier as compared to mc's best friend. Cause a lot of people made the mc stood out like a sore thumb like a poop with gold if you get what i mean. Well, her looks are average but even one of the side character is prettier than her. And if you read the first chapter, you can see how long the mc hair is in the future. But when the future arrived, her hair is a bit shorter than before?! 

As a summary, everything is okay except for the art of the mc. 

10/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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xyst May 14, 2020

 I am pretty sure the reason for the main character's simple looks is to highlight on the fact that her character is merely just the herione's friend, it makes sense if the protaganists and ML's of the novel are the most eye catching and beautiful ones.  I actually thought the MC was pretty and wasn't average even next to the novel's main characters.  

SOSMAN23 Apr 8, 2020

How am I supposed to read