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i like animes that have cool songs with animation that makes me say woah.

i also like murdery smart shows where people outsmart each other with their brains.

recommend me stuff and follow me, and i will follow you back.






                see if show has song                                                 but this one is cool too so i                   but if it has this one?                                                     like this i watch                                                     want stuff like this pls                                               oh man hook me up





Image result for kaiji                   Image result for one punch man

                                      i like the show with this cry baby                         but who doesn't love this boy? more like this too


Image result for 5 centimeters per second

but dang this looks nice gimme more like this too.



now you understand me. recommend me stuff based on this.

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I adore these characters


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Aniplex Mar 23, 2016


That was pretty funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nothing much i'm a bit sad that spring break is ending i have to finish my homework which i haven't even started on so yeah!!!!!!!

StarkPayne Mar 22, 2016

Wait, ignore that. XD

StarkPayne Mar 22, 2016

Sup dude. Are you new to anime?

Aniplex Mar 20, 2016


How have you been??????

whats new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aniplex Jan 1, 2016


how have you been??????????

I kinda dropped anime planet for a while but know i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!