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Me? You want to know more 'bout me? Do really want to know? Why you want to know? Are you sure you can handle the truth 'bout me? Are you... Ok, 'nough with the rhetoric. Now, I've annoyed you and have your full attention, so here are the rundown 'bout me:

27th year-old (in the time of this writing) lame and hopeless romantic dude who still struggling to find his firm footing in this world

Occasionally fix it up and busting malwares (read: format) PC and laptop for a little bit of income

Like the guys who tune and pimp up their cars with accessories, I do it on my PC. My doctrine: Build your computer from scratch will give you joy and satisfaction

Prefer animes with good character development and solid plot-line  regardless the visual, genres and franchises been throw into. Light/Dark comedy, moderate romance and adult themes are welcome.

Strong dislike with animes with strong merchandise tie-ins, excessive Tits & Asses panning with censored cues (I rather watch hentai instead), generic shounen "I-want-to-be-the-strongest" and moeblobs that focuses on the moe shit ONLY (Yes, the whole nine yard, if you know what I mean).

Accept music as a whole. Pop, Rock, R&B, you name it as long as it's good to hear and matches my mood. Big fan of I've Sound utahime; KOTOKO, Kawada Mami, Shimamiya Eiko and MELL. Currently likes tunes from Asian Kung-Fu Generation and STRAIGHTENER (a new found love).

Fascinate with the universe and the heavenly objects contained in there.

Women that I like? That's a tough one. If girls like Misaka, Asuka Langley, Kanade or Misaki exist, sign me in baby!

OK, that's a handful of info.  Satisfy? Now, get back to whatever you guys doing!

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nallyasian May 30, 2012

okay, now im stuck as an immortal.. until i become a witch myself, right?

you should join me in my next battle ^.^

nallyasian May 29, 2012

you have my deepest respect...

POKEMON FTW!!! XD we should be fraaaands!

*signs contact of friendship and forever-battling-witches-ness*

nallyasian May 26, 2012

Hey there!

Yeah, you got my attention :P Hopeless romantic, huh? Sounds like me :')

You've got one cooool bio 8-) I like it!

Oh ah how's it going? I'm Nicole ;) And and kyuubey's a sly bastard, just saying! (haha your avatar).