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Anime: Free!

Story: Well I love the story contrary to popular belief there is plot line. This anime revolves not only revolves around the boys friendship issues but as well as actual issues the group faces trying to start a club and get members which some highschoolers can relate to. This anime also carries lots of comic relief and Im sure that most girls were pleased to have an anime that does revolve around alot of manservice and for boys who are annoyed by that... just stop I mean look at the girls in almost every anime and how much fan service there is just give the girls this one :D. It is actually though a funny and interesting anime to watch for everyone.

Animation: So, the animation itself was about average and pretty typical. The characters all have a unique look and it was very easy to find high quality versions of this episode on many free viewing anime websites, as well as tumblr. The colours in this anime and the aimation style flowed very well together and the theme songs included all the main characters.

Sound: The sound quality was good and the theme songs were really awesome! The beggining and ending theme songs were catchy and worked really well with the animation. The characters had appealing voices and yes I watched it subbed. The voices suited the characters in my opinion.

Characters: Where do I start? So the focus of this anime is on 5 boys. 4 of which were introduced in the first episode.  From closest to furthest you have : Haruka Nanase, Makoto Tachibana, Rin Matsuoka, Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryugasaki. Haruka is the typical boy of few words, the anime appears to focus on him more so than the others. Makoto is the friendly and calm type who is very nice but tends to talk to his friends more so than others. Rin is the more exotic character that studied abroad and is pretty lively. He actually has qualities of both a friend and enemy at points and appears to be crucial to the plot. Nagisa is the fourth boy introduced in the first episode. He is a year younger than the others and plays the very energetic, chibi, cute, little brother type that is adorable. Rei is a very smart, stubborn boy who calculates everything and actually develops an admiration for Haruka since he can swim so freely and really enjoys what he does without thinking. Rei also shows some admiration for Nagisa as he is his classmate and the one who actually convinced him to join the swim club. There is one girl named Gou/Kou (Kou is a nickname she prefers to her real name) who becomes the club manager. She is Rin's sister and wants Rin to go back to his cheery self that he was when he was younger she believes that the main characters can do this since they were all best friends in middle school. All of the boys seem to have their own typical anime qualities that can entice wider variaties of viewers since it appeals to more personal favourites.

Free! Main Characters

Overall I scored this anime an 9(not gonna lie  partly scored high because this anime is super funny and was made to appeal to girls) and am personally excited to watch future episodes!

8/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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