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                                Hello Hello fellow humans

      You can call me Ashe or any non-gender conforming name you please

   _ A person is a person, gender doesnt matter_

    Right brain mindset

    My discord: Asheyboi#9369

    some of my hobbies asides from anime are:



-Reading and Drawing

-Playing Minecraft

-Writing poetry

-Playing guitar (acoustic)/song-writing

-Mcyt Streams (Technoblade, Tubbo, Wilbur, and Philza+ my own streams)

I hope to make some new friends on here!! If you ever need to talk I'm always open to a conversation!

My Favorite music artists are Mother Mother, Cavetown, Girl in Red, Wilbur Soot and Hozier

I love all Genres of anime but I especially love Romance, Comedy, shounen-ai, and Supernatural

   Feel free to comment anime suggestions and I'll add them to my 50+ list that will never be empty

How I rate anime (Stars):

1-2-  Not good, never agian would watch it

3- okay could've had some better moments

4- Really good, maybe watch again

5- Awesome!! Definataly fun to watch and would 100% watch again

Favorite Mobs: Mooshroom, Bee and Enderman                          


     Please excuse randomness in my forum I think of random things at random times

     I enjoy playing video games like Minecraft, Fallout 76, Code Vein and Genshin impact 

     My favorite saying of all time:

 "When life gives you lemons, freeze them, and throw them as hard as you can at anything that makes your life difficult"

  Favorite poem/poem concept: The fall of Icarus

"I loved him with a fire burning intensity,

Like Icarus I flew too close to the sun,

I was scorched and broken,

and all I see now are the ashes of my tortured heart."


                                                                                     If you comment below I'll do my best to resond asap!

                                                            also if you read this whole bio down to here, thank you for taking your time to read it!

                                                                                                              Have a great day !





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ziknis Feb 19, 2021

I needed to say that I find your pfp very inspiring.

Glitterz Jan 20, 2021

O, okay, I know that one too!

BTW I also follow Wilbur Soot, what is your favorite song from him?

Glitterz Jan 19, 2021

Hi, I think it's really cool that you write your own songs!

BTW Do you also know the song 'Boys Will Be Bugs'? It's my fav song from Cavetown :)

sharpzzyofficial Jan 15, 2021

i found you too 👀

1DiosWaifu1 Jan 14, 2021

Please be my friend 🥺