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I have finished reading this manga just now and all I have to say is

" wow that was fast! "

The manga story was quite interesting cause it's about two orphans meet in an orphanage when they were children one of them is a weak crybaby who is always bullied and the other has a cold attitude and a strong personality who is scared of earthquakes , eventually they getting attached to each other .Time passed and the both of them are getting older they still close to each other but they hiding their problems in a mask . 

I love this story BUT the storyline is moving too fast like we are in 2006 suddenly something happens and BAM we are in 2008 !! Wait what !! during that time what happend there where a lot of things to explain but they unfortunately didn't. 

The story must have been longer it's a slice of life / super drama / a LITTLE bit tragedy / many events = many chapter 

How could tge author end the story in the middle and when I say middle I mean In the CENTRE OF THE STORY I won't say what happend because then I have to spoil the manga all of it so I won't say a thing but .but .but . Something big happend in the chapter 33 and then in chapter 34 ( the final chapter ) wd saw what happend to all of the charecters the end and the last meeting happend in the last page !! There were a lot of things happend and a lot of questions and mysteries unknown its answer It's like the author ( D. jun ) says - hey bastards there will be a next season -  but there isn't he said that this was the end of the story.... ahhhhh. You truly disappointed me this story if you tried harder in it with more chapters and more details it was going to be a legend manhua.

The art style is actually good I really like it and the storry itself in a new level but the author cuts the manga in the middle and gives us an opened ending ootherwise it's a really good short manhua not a waste of the time I highly recommend it. 

Sorry if my comment was too long or my english was weird cuz it's not my real language ...

7/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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