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From the end I will  say that this manga is amazing I actually enjoyed it very much that I read 50 chapters in one day ( 5 hours probably ) . The story goes smoothly with the two main characters ikumi and chihaya I like how they don't want to hide secrets from one another - but the both did and get yelled at by the another mc haha - I don't have anything to say about the art style It's very beautiful and I really liked it  . I enjoyed read the manga and the only think that I kinda dislike in this manga is Ono (ikumi step-brother) that i don't particularly hate him or anything but I don't understand what is in his head... beside that I don't think it has negetives that I need to say ...

Yeah. Nothing Beside the translator who has stoped translating at chapter 50 before a month and before that he/she didn't relase new chapter in 3-4 months , I can't wait till the release of the next chapter 😢

I really like this manga and It's one of my best shounen ai manga that I read till now and I really recommend it

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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