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Himitsu no Recipe

Nov 22, 2021

An incredibly good, medium-short length yuri manga.

It has really fun charcaters, while not having them come off as extremely off putting and stand-offish.

There's a straight laced girl and a dumb girl, a typical Manzai (straight man and funny man) routine.

The girls are very likeable, and tend to have good charcaterization and humor throughout.

Wakatsuki, the Funny one, is a sweet hearted idiot. She makes constant mistakes, and cant seem to do anything she wants to right, and is generally clueless when it comes to love.

Horikawa, the straight-laced one, is more of a role model character, a typical "i am the school president" type, except she still has her own flaws. She's not perfect, and sometimes can mess things up, and is also a bit clueless about love.

As both of them are clueless, it was fun seeing them fumble around eachother trying to understand their own feelings, as neither realized they were gay until they fell in love. It was especislly enjoyable since it was only 17 chapters, so it doesnt drag out the whole "testing the waters" part of the romance for 1000 chapters, which is what the vast majority of school-time romcoms do.

Both characters are good by themselves, but also fit with eachother and make the dynamic much more satisfying.

This manga definitely seems a bit old, being closer to a late 90s style than a late 2000s, but it manages to capture that allure of the older yuri manga, and despite my aversion to older styles of yuri, i ended up really liking Milk Morinaga (the author and artist) and their works.

This yuri gets a 10/10

9/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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