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This manga is such a weird blend of good and bad.

The plot's the weakest part, as it inherently relies on things the west really dislikes (and for good reason);

Pedophelia. No joke. Its something very hard to overlook, considering the MC is only 16...

On the other hand, it's got great comedy, and it does nail a few characters rather well.

The final arc (no spoilers though) is rather weak, it's not too interesting to me. I came for the humor and stupidity of the plot, but I understand that the plot is natural in progression for the most part

(save for the plenty of deus ex machina's through the kids randomly saving the day or having the perfect powers).

The characters I find most entertaining are the Demon Queen and Quatre. These 2 have the most character out of the pack. The rest feel bland, there's just too many characters to flesh out in a good way with only 37 chapters. 

Those 2 characters do a lot of heavy lifting, and make up for a solid 2/4 of the total points I gave.

The angry kid, and the incredibly aggressive and pushy mother-in-law, are both very comedic, and are the best joke-givers of the series (aside from the single dad joke in chapter 1).

The art is alright. It's no solo levelling or My Mother's In A Contract Marriage, but it's not as bad as the mediocre harem isekai manga that you see by the buckets.

The manga is not for everyone. It's a very weird mix, like I said, of either very funny things, but sometimes it flops into mediocre acton/slice of life or weird borderline fetish manga. 

I'm giving it a 4 because I think the comedy from the earlier and middle chapters was well done (I found it rather entertaining to see such an angry kid as Quatre).  The rest? Terrible. The plot is so absurdly messed up, that it hurts to read. 

I perfectly understand if you, as a reader, despise this manga for its more unsavory topics like pedophelia. I just give so little importance to the plot, and focus entirely on how absurd and comedic most of it is.


Plot = mixed bag of the best and worst, not for everyone

Characters= nailed only 3 out of the 12+ characters, none have very good depth of character

Art= better than dime a dozen harems, but not as good as the best I've ever seen, it's a 7/10

3/10 story
7/10 art
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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