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Elfezen Mar 12, 2022

Hello, Keel from Tate no Yuusha is definitely female, you can search for the character as well, although if you watched only the first season of the anime it is kind of normal to confuse her for male, even though my review was in the first season, it was meant for Tate no Yuusha as a whole. Also i am not sure why there are comments on reviews in the first place, there should be option to disable them.

nathandouglasdavis Feb 21, 2022

So I guess the question for you isL Does Villain to Kill do that later in the series? Does it adequately show the internal struggle or does it simply remain a series of flashy fight scenes?

nathandouglasdavis Feb 21, 2022

ArtistMugi, first it should be mentioned that when I wrote this review, I was reviewing all of the chapters that had been released at that time (which was 15 chapters). I intend to update my review once it's completed, but it's not fair to bash my review simply because it was written earlier in the life of the story.

I'm also not sure if you understand what I was complaining about in my review. I was complaining that this story attempts to create the hook that the protagonist is actually a villain, but then just changes what the term "villain" means so that it's basically meaningless. What sets villains apart? Why is our protagonist having that label meaningful at all? If that label of "villain" is purely just a social stigma, then I would argue that the worldbuilding is dumb. But if there is legitimately a biological factor that makes "villains" different (like by being more chaotic or self-driven or lacking in self-control or something), then this comic needs to do a better job of portraying our protagonist struggling with that inner tension. This is what I was referring to in the last sentences of my review when I said: "It needs to show that there's an actual [internal] struggle. And maybe it'll do that later in the series, but currently, the manhwa just comes across as a series of flashy fight scenes."

RavenousGopher Feb 10, 2022

Manga's not stereotypical, but initally at least the mc is a generic isekai'd mc, being a japanese colledge student gamer getting transported into her favorite game in a younger body.

machiabeeli Sep 19, 2021

Hi! You asked where to read The Villainess Is Happy Online. I suggest looking for Today The Villainess Has Fun Again! That's the alternative title I think